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Great anticipation: The next Olympics will be held in Paris!

Great anticipation: The next Olympics will be held in Paris!

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Updated: 9 March 2022 4:51 AM GMT

France has won the bid. The next Summer Olympics will be held in Paris. Namely, from 26.07.2024 to 11.08.2024. This will be the third time (after 1900 and 1924) that the metropolis will host the sporting event. Of course, the bookmakers also have a lot to do. On sites like onlinebetting360.in, customers can find numerous opportunities to place bets and pick up rich winnings. Unfortunately, the sports softball, karate and baseball have been cancelled. But for Paris, the disciplines of surfing, skateboarding and sports climbing have been added. The anticipation is understandably huge worldwide!

1. A gigantic opening ceremony is being planned!

When Paris hosts the Summer Olympics in 2024, it will be a 100th anniversary, so to speak, after the city last hosted the Games in 1924, and those responsible are already planning a gigantic celebration for the opening of the Summer Games. For this, the famous river - the Seine - will become the venue and the stage for all athletes. According to current plans, which will certainly last until 2024, more than 160 boats will take the respective teams of the 206 National Olympic Committees along a stretch of more than six kilometers of the Seine.

Of course, the boats with the teams will pass the most beautiful sights. For example, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre. Currently, more than 600000 spectators are expected, probably the number will be much higher than estimated by the anticipation of this sporting event. According to the president of the event in Paris, the opening ceremony will be "magical" and remembered for many years. Therefore, potential spectators of the opening ceremony should start looking for tickets now, if any are already on sale.

2. Climate-friendly Summer Games in Paris - in keeping with the spirit of the times

Instead of constructing new buildings, the committee is relying on existing sports facilities or converted facilities that will be used for temporary purposes. After all, Paris wants to meet the requirements of the in-house Paris Climate Summit. Natural areas and ecology are also not to be affected by the event. In addition, the venues and the Olympic village are also to be located a maximum of 15 minutes by car from the center. An exception, of course, is made for the surfing competitions. These are located in Tahiti because Paris does not have the conditions for this sport.

Furthermore, the organizers rely on a functioning infrastructure realized according to ecological measures. All means of public transport as well as the cycling network are to be expanded and modified. In this way, spectators will reach their favorite competitions in the most environmentally friendly way possible and major traffic jams will be avoided. The Summer Olympics are thus fully in line with climate change and the zeitgeist of sustainability. No venue has ever made such efforts before!

3. Innovations instead of the old rut - IOC allows four new sports at the Olympics

As already mentioned, the committee is eliminating baseball, karate and softball, which were previously part of the program in Tokyo. In exchange, the organizers are coming up with new innovations, also to showcase the special aspect of the "anniversary edition". Already in 2019, breakdancing, skateboarding, climbing and surfing have been admitted. The sports were still under observation until now and it was not entirely certain whether they would also be allowed in Paris. Now the IOC (International Olympic Committee) agrees and includes the four new sports in the program of the Summer Olympics in Paris 2024. It remains to be seen with excitement to what extent the athletes do well and how the spectators receive these highlights.

4. These are the most curious disciplines since the Summer Olympics have existed

By the way, the first Summer Games took place in Athens in 1896. Meanwhile, more and more nations participate and the event has a worldwide character. Of course, the disciplines have also changed again and again, and over the decades, curious sports have emerged, where spectators often had to stifle their laughter. Cult at that time, today rather a laughing stock.

In 1900 (in Paris, by the way), one discipline consisted of "shooting pigeons". And not at clay pigeons, but at real animals. In total, the athletes shot more than 300 pigeons during the 1900 Summer Olympics, so this discipline was certainly not for animal lovers. Nowadays unthinkable, at that time a matter of course. However, the protests among animal rights activists got out of hand to such an extent that this "sport" was only permitted once at an Olympics, in 1900 and never again thereafter.

In 1904, the third edition of the Summer Olympics (USA-St. Louis), a serious discipline actually consisted of spitting tobacco. Clearly curious, but actually happened. However, also only once, because after that in all further Olympiads this discipline was not allowed. At least the reputation of the event was damaged in such a way that some "interludes" had to take place to improve the image.

Also in 1904, the athletes had to prove themselves in a sport that is still the absolute highlight of every child's birthday party: sack races. Sounds strange, but it was really like that back then. At least the basic rules have not changed after more than 100 years. That year, by the way, only twelve countries competed against each other. Nowadays, there are more than 206 nations and the Summer Games are more popular and prestigious than ever before.

5. The cost of new buildings is already exploding in Paris

Although the organizers are trying to act ecologically as far as possible and to erect as few new buildings as possible, that can't quite work either. Especially a stadium for the swimming disciplines has to be built. After all, the project is to continue to be used after the event. According to French experts, however, the costs are exploding right now. Especially the swimming stadium is supposed to be much more expensive than it was calculated in the preliminary stage. Currently, the entire budget for the Summer Olympics has been estimated at around 7 billion euros. Already at this stage - more than 2 years before the start of the event - the costs will increase by at least 500 million euros.

The Summer Olympics as a prestige object for France and Paris will be a very high cost factor for the French budget. It remains to be seen to what extent the revenues from spectators and other factors will quantify and revise the costs. In any case, the organizers are making a great effort and are planning a mega event for the sports world. After 100 years, it's that time again. Paris is hosting the 2024 Summer Games!

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