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Microsoft announces new titles as Xbox Game Pass gains more ground

Microsoft has been a spearhead in the IT industry and is on the rise with their new additions in the gaming sector.

Microsoft announces new titles as Xbox Game Pass gains more ground

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Updated: 14 Jun 2022 2:30 PM GMT

Microsoft, one of the most influential IT firms in the world has now come up with a new announcement amid their new presentation. Microsoft Corp. unveiled numerous latest releases for their premium package, Xbox Game Pass, throughout a dazzling 90-minute session replete with game previews, featuring some of the big studios they have acquired in the past few years.The presentation was held in Los Angeles and consisted of some of the biggest releases in the coming year. They put forward games from industry giants like bethesda which was bought by Microsoft back in 2020. The games that they primarily focused on were distinctive as well .

Their next releases are Redfall which is a first-person shooter game with the players fighting vampires and a roleplay game with a space theme named Starfield. They also highlighted Activision Blizzard Inc.'s Overwatch 2, which is expected to have an early access in October. It will also have a competitive multiplayer mode which is free to play. They also spotlighted Diablo IV which is expected to come in 2023.

It is essential to note that all these four games will be available with Xbox Game Pass. Bethesda was bought for $7.5 billion and Activision Blizzard for $69 billion. The Xbox Game Pass acts as the core of their gaming strategy which allows the customers to have unlimited access with monthly payment. Microsoft have been highly successful with their outrageous additions of thousands of games using the Xbox Game Pass which has millions of subscribers paying $10 a month.

Microsoft also revealed a unique Minecraft clone called Minecraft Legends. The collection also included Ravenlock, an action game, and Cocoon, an adventure game, all of which will be exclusively accessible for the gaming fans on Game Pass after the official launch. Game Pass is also marketed by Microsoft as a tool that could benefit games which are otherwise available for free. Everyone who buys a Game Pass subscription will gain full accessibility to all of the games' characters, which are generally available individually.

Instead of competing on technology with Sony Group Corp., the developer of the PlayStation, and Nintendo Co. Microsoft is attempting to build an alternative for gaming platforms like Netflix is for movies. They have been on the move for a long time which includes the addition of Android gaming in Windows platform as well. They have been keen on including the Android games inside Microsoft Windows which would allow many of the online games to break though towards a wider audience.

Android games have transformed from being a casual time pass to a more worthwhile activity with the inclusion of more card games like teen patti. If Microsoft becomes successful in incorporating these Android games inside the Windows platform, it would open up a new dimension for them to flourish more covering all aspects of gaming. Microsoft has been leading the gaming sector and has a strong hold in the industry with a plethora of Xbox and PC games.

Microsoft has created an Android underneath Windows Subsystem that allows them to run Android apps. They have partnered with Amazon to imply the Android support inside Windows. With the addition of Android games inside the Windows platform, the aim of Microsoft to take over as the pioneer for gaming would indeed be cherished.

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