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Live Gaming: Traditional Indian Games Go Digital

East Mojo

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Updated: 23 May 2022 8:05 PM GMT

Over the past years, online gaming has become one of the most popular activities in home entertainment. This innovative industry has expanded because of recent technological advances and significant improvements in internet connection and the computing power of most devices. As a result, this has led to the multiplication of gaming genres and the adaptation of all sorts of games into the digital environment.

One of those game genres to have been adapted are traditional Indian card games. They have, in fact, spawned the creation of virtual rooms and themed versions of classic titles that previously could only be played in person.

Adapting Traditional Games

Ever since the mass dissemination of consoles in the 1990s, video game developers have adapted traditional games into new formats. For instance, many classic board games, including Monopoly, Battleship, and Scrabble, have inspired the creation of video games. These console titles were the first attempt at expanding traditional games beyond their physical versions. While these adaptations were successful, game developers didn't stop there. Years later, when mobile and online gaming became standard gaming formats, many traditional games were once again adapted. However, this time the game adaptations became more immersive and capable of efficiently mimicking real-life experiences.

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As a result, this allowed many traditional games to come back in style. The best example of this is chess, which became one of the most popular games to be adapted to online gaming and a mass sensation on Twitch. This also allowed for the development of new variants that offer new twists to timeless game versions.

Indian Card Games

As part of this new trend, many Indian card games have found a new home on online gaming platforms. This is the case with Andar Bahar and Teen Pattireal cash game, which have both been adapted to online gambling platforms. As a result, players can now access these games at any time of the day and wager their bets using real money. Some of the online casinos for real money feature live versions of these games, allowing players to join virtual rooms where they can find real-life dealers dealing cards in real-time. These types of casino games are usually live-streamed from professional studios and players can face off against real opponents, interact with dealers and even alternate between cameras.

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Other examples of popular Indian card games that have found a new life on online gambling platforms also include Jhandi Munda. But that's not all. Indian Rummy has also gained its very own online version. This variation of the classic Rummy card game is a mix between Rummy 500 and gin rummy. One of the most played games in India, Indian Rummy is now available online, although it can't be played live against other users. In addition, users can now also enjoy Satte Pe Satta on selected websites, along with other Tash Wala card games.

Other Traditional Casino Games Available Online

Besides the games previously mentioned, and as a result of the technological wave that has taken over the gaming industry, most traditional casino games have also inspired their own digital versions. This is the case with some of the most iconic casino games, including baccarat, roulette, poker, craps, and blackjack. Even games that could be more challenging to adapt have gone on to be extremely successful.

Take virtual slots as an example. While this game was mostly perceived as a secondary game in the casino world, technology has essentially rebranded the game and made it a huge success. Nowadays, online slots are some of the most inventive and immersive games available on the internet, with users getting to choose from countless themed rooms. The same can be said about virtual bingo, which features not only themed rooms but also customized symbols, sounds, and plenty of extra features, which didn't exist in the original version of the game. Overall, all these games have one aspect in common: they can all be accessed using mobile devices and played at any time of the day.

Ultimately, the growing technological incorporation in the online game industry has allowed many traditional Indian games to spawn digital versions that can be easily played online. Going forward, it is only expected that these games become more interactive and immersive, but also inspire more live versions, in which players can get to play in real-time with live dealers.

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