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Is India Becoming a Sporting Nation?

Is India Becoming a Sporting Nation?

The Bridge Desk

Updated: 10 Oct 2022 6:08 AM GMT

Winning medals is just the beginning. A nation is only considered a sporting nation when it has a high degree of participation in sports, and its citizens do not perceive amateur sports as immaterial. The biggest question is, is India becoming a sporting nation?

India has made remarkable progress in overseas sporting events, contributing to its reputation. Private investment and government funding are continuously supplementing the television coverage of sports events and enabling India to attract a large audience. Indeed, India is an emerging sporting nation with a very big potential in the coming years.

India's Infamous Cricket

Aside from popular safe online gambling sites, India is also known for its biggest sport which is Cricket. It has always been one of the most popular sports in India and one of the most followed sports worldwide. In fact, India has tremendous facilities for sports, and cricket is one of them.

Cricket stadiums and grounds are available in every major city of India, including the smaller towns. With its increasing popularity, cricket has created an incredible buzz, making Indian people more enthusiastic about this sport than any other.

The stadiums provide excellent facilities and support to the national players. They also have many ICC-approved training centers which help budding cricketers develop their skills.

A Change in the Sporting Culture

India has a long way to go before becoming a sporting nation. Yet, things are slowly changing. Mumbai has always been a hub for sports enthusiasts, but there has been an increase in other cities, with more corporates coming up with new leagues and teams.

Several private players have been investing in building attractive leagues of their own, like the Pro Kabaddi League, Hockey India League, and Indian Badminton League. This investment is bound to help improve India's standing in international sports as they provide financial incentives and expose millions of youth.

This, combined with the ability to transform dreams into reality due to private and government funding, will bring India closer to its goal of becoming a multi-sport nation.

Increased Initiatives of the Indian Government

The government has made several initiatives to make India a sporting nation. It has launched the 'Khelo India' campaign and started the 'Target Olympic Podium' scheme. Generally, it aims to help athletes with better performances in the Olympics, besides encouraging people to participate in games like kabaddi, football, and hockey.

Several PSUs such as ONGC, SAI, Air India, Railways, and others give financial assistance to sportspersons. The government also provides employment opportunities to them by starting schemes like 'Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan.' All these initiatives show that the government understands the importance of sports for improving India's stature in the world.

Bringing Awareness to Indian People

Sports are a pillar of a healthy body and mind, as they help build confidence in young minds. They teach discipline and improve the mental state. Sports allow working together with other people to make their team successful.

There is a need to engage Indian people in the importance of health and fitness in their lives. A real difference will be seen when opportunities, resources, and encouragement are provided across all levels.


At first glance, it appears as if India has a long road ahead before it can call itself a sporting nation. But with the government's initiatives, it is certainly no longer playing catch up. The athletes of India are getting to compete in the most renowned events around the globe, and the journey has just started.

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