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Interesting sports that you may not have heard about

Interesting sports that you may not have heard about

The Bridge Desk

Updated: 7 Oct 2021 7:02 AM GMT

Sports—what fun would the world be without them?

Almost everyone has a favorite sport, ranging from one of the many well-known ones played offline, such as soccer, tennis, rugby, or swimming, and live online games on websites like SA Gaming.

Either way, the world of sports is more varied than we think. All over the globe, people are engaging in interesting sports that you may not have heard about.

Curious? Read on to learn about just five of these unusual offline sporting activities.

Muggle Quidditch

Thought Quidditch only existed in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series? Think again!

Enthusiasts have created a real-life version of the game (alas, without the magical brooms). While running after various balls, players position a broom between their legs, and if they are "knocked over," they must run and touch one of their team's three hoops to stay in the game.

Each team has different players on the field, and they show their roles by their headband color. These players are one keeper (green headband), three chasers (white headbands), one seeker (yellow headband), and two beaters (black headbands).

Enthusiasts refer to the game as a "Muggle Quidditch" because "muggles" are non-magical folk in the Harry Potter series.

Underwater Rugby

Underwater rugby? Yes, there really is such a sport.

In this sport, rugby swimmers use a weighted ball to make short passes, and the ball mustn't leave the water.

The idea is to maintain possession of the ball and outwit opponents by using speed, skill, strength, maneuverability, and breath-holding ability. Also, a player can attack another if they have the ball to gain possession of the ball.

Toe Wrestling

This sport resembles arm wrestling but involves players pinning down their opponent's toes for a minimum of three seconds. Players alternate between the right and left foot over three rounds. The player with the most wins over three rounds wins.

This sport began in the 1970s in the United Kingdom and has grown in popularity ever since.

Wife Carrying

Wife carrying may seem utterly obscure, but it is quite a popular sport in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Australia, and the United States.

With wives strapped over their shoulders, players carry their spouses over several obstacles while racing against other teams. It is not for the faint of heart, but the winner gets a worthwhile prize at the end of it all—they get to drown themselves in beer!

Competitive Worm Charming

Worm charming may not sound like a viable sport, but don't tell that to its adherents. Players attempt to "charm" as many earthworms as they can out of the ground within a specified timeframe using all the tactics they can muster.

The winning team is the one with the most earthworms after the play period is over.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this fun article giving you a glimpse into the world of weird and unknown sports.

If you did, the world of online sports and gaming found on websites such as SA Gaming is equally as fascinating, intriguing, and fun.

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