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This is how India's top athletes spend their free time

Former teammates MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli share a great working as well as personal relationship [Source: BCCI]

Former teammates MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli share a great working as well as personal relationship [Source: BCCI]


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Updated: 22 Oct 2021 8:58 AM GMT

India's top sporting talents are a source of widespread adulation and admiration, people who are adored for their ability to use their immense talents to elevate the country on the world stage. However, little attention is paid to how our favourite athletes spend their time when they are not scoring goals or points on the field, court, or track.

Although they may have seemingly superhuman abilities, India's most beloved athletes are just like the rest of us, with hobbies and quirks like any other person. If you're wondering about the hobbies of some of the country's top athletes, read on to find out.

1. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, the superstar batsman who is the captain of the Indian National Cricket Team, lives a life more public than most. Nicknamed Cheeku in the press, this immensely popular athlete is among one of the most popular and adored in Indian history. While he has confessed to also playing plenty of cricket in his spare time, that's not the only thing he is interested in. Kohli is also a keen dancer, spending plenty of free time in breakdancing lessons. He is also mad about fashion, which is why he has also released his own line of leisurewear

2. MS Dhoni

Another legendary figure in the highly competitive world of Indian cricket is MS Dhoni, who is a former captain of the national team for whom there is an immense public interest in his personal life. One thing that few people know about Dhoni is that he is a keen poker player and has even worked as a brand ambassador for poker companies in the past. This should come as no surprise since online poker is becoming increasingly popular in India. Thanks to live casino online platforms in India such as Genesis, anyone can now play live poker with a real casino dealer via their laptop or smartphone. With platforms like these, being constantly on tour with the national team need not be an impediment to a poker hobby.

3. Sania Mirza

One of the world's top living tennis players to date, with six Grand Slam titles under her belt, Sania Mirza is an icon and a national hero. Since retiring a few years back, Mirza has been able to spend her time off the court enjoying more leisurely pursuits. One of her favourite hobbies is swimming, which she partakes in on a near-daily basis. Mirza is also a keen traveller who has visited a huge number of exotic locales around the world, as her jet-setting Instagram demonstrates.

4. Saina Nehwal

Probably the most famous badminton player in the world today, Saina Nehwal has been a national treasure ever since winning the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Credited with popularising badminton in India, Nehwal is a keen advocate for the sport and continues to play in her spare time. When she's not on the court, Nehwal can often be found bingeing Bollywood movies, with the star player having repeatedly told talk show hosts about her addiction to the films. She's also a keen sketch artist and has a lifelong penchant for sudoku puzzles.

These are the hobbies that you can find some of India's top athletes doing when they aren't winning medals and trophies.

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