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How the gaming landscape looks like in India

How the gaming landscape looks like in India

The Bridge Desk

Updated: 26 April 2022 12:28 PM GMT

The Indian youth love gaming. With The development of new technologies, gaming has experienced significant changes. In addition, the pandemic has left no other option for entertainment than gaming. Therefore, we have seen rapid growth in this industry. Both millennials and gen Z have adopted this hobby as their primary source of entertainment. The top online casino sites become prevalent, as the Indian youth loved playing different games during the lockdowns.

Industry growth

It all started back in 2016 when Reliance Jio was launched on the market. The cheaper equipment and data accessibility gave many people the option to play games. Casual gaming and eSports have become highly popular industries. Nowadays, there are more than 400 gaming companies in India. This fact speaks enough of the vast popularity of gaming.

Even the betting experts are now online. With so many websites to choose from, going to a physical establishment to place your bets is too time-consuming. Anyone can access their favorite website from the comfort of their home and play as if they visited the venue.

Both advertisers and users benefit from the updates in this industry. The super gaming apps that support various formats in one app are an attractive feature that helped the industry develop. Before this system, the only way to monetize a game was to sell the game or sell game-branded merchandise. As the novation progressed, the in-app purchases were added to the list of monetization methods. The free game approach increased the number of users and their engagement. With this, the users came back to enjoy the games and are likely to spend more on the optional in-app purchases.

However, these aren't the only monetization options available. Rewarded video and Playable are innovative ad formats that allow in-game advertisement. The advanced algorithm will strategically position the ads so that they aren't visually jarring for the users.

The changes in the market

The Indian gaming market has attracted many big international companies. Some of the big names interested in the study are Ubisoft, EA Sports, and Riot Games. In addition, Indian companies partner with large international brands to develop popular games.

The gaming market is highly competitive, but the changes are still attracting investments. The new demographic groups that enter the market and market expansion are the leading reason why this sector attracts many investors. For a long time, the male audience was considered the primary consumer in this market. However, things have changed, and women have also entered the market. Female users widely use mobile apps, but women gamers are also becoming highly popular. In addition, gaming apps are becoming prevalent in every part of the country. Therefore, the gaming companies see the opportunities and want to take a large chunk of the market.

The rising popularity of eSports

The eSports industry entered the market a few years ago, gaining momentum and becoming a productive sector. The number of viewers of eSports events totals 17 million in 2020, which is double the amount it used to be. However, this number is expected to grow to a staggering 130 million by 2025. Companies will need to come up with new and updated advertising opportunities to reach the target audience.

Marketing opportunities

When the focus is on gaming, this opens many options for advertisers. Precision targeting and moment marketing are some of the ways in which companies make their games famous. However, the importance of partnering with the right ad company is crucial. Gaming marketing brings high costs, so investing your marketing budget wisely is your only option.

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