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Dream11 App: Is it Legal in India?

This is a look at the legality of the Dream11 betting app in India. Dream11 is one of the top fantasy sports app in India.

Dream11 App: Is it Legal in India?

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Updated: 10 Feb 2022 4:53 AM GMT

Dream11 may just be one of the most popular fantasy sports platforms in the world. The rise in popularity of the platform, which makes it possible for users to play fantasy games on sports like cricket, football, basketball, hockey, and kabaddi, has been tremendous since its inception in 2008. After initially starting as a fantasy sports platform for cricket fans, the platform has grown in leaps and bounds of late. It also brings into question the legality of the Dream11 betting app.

The legality of sports betting in India

A common misconception in India would be that sports betting – in any form – is illegal. However, this is not completely true since only offline sports betting is banned in the country. The Indian cricket team went through a lot of problems as a result of offline sports betting. Now, however, online betting is a completely different proposition and it is believed that around half of the Indian population is an avid sports fan. As a result, many online betting sites have sprung up in the last decade.

Apart from betting on horse races, sports betting is considered illegal in India. This is in accordance with the Public Gambling Act of 1867. It states that any form of gambling is to be considered illegal in India. This rule is followed diligently by all states across the country. However, this rule does not explicitly state that online gambling is also coming under the jurisdiction. There is also no mention of online gambling's legality in the Technology Act 2000.

There is a grey area when it comes to the online gambling sector. There is no rule in India which explicitly bans the practice, while there is also no mention of a clear acceptance either. It is, therefore, assumed that online betting on sports is legal, except for states like Andhra Pradesh, where there is a blanket ban on any kind of betting.

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What is the Dream11 app?

The world of fantasy football has been extremely popular for several years. Dream11 betting app tries to bring different fantasy sports into a single interface. The Dream11 user will be able to create fantasy teams in multiple sports. These teams would then take on the competition, which can be free or paid depending on the preference of the user.

A participant is provided with a budget in the form of credits, which are used to pick up the various players according to their recent form and value. Depending on the points picked up by the drafted players in the real sporting events, users will be getting points on their fantasy board. The user is allowed to make changes to the team. Unlike a regular form of betting that primarily involves chance, Dream11 is considered to be a game of skill since the user has to pick players whilst involving a certain degree of knowledge.

The app is fairly simple to use and it does not take a lot of effort to understand the game. However, users might have to spend a lot of time before they are able to come out successful in the paid competitions, where a lot of top users tend to compete. There is a large user base of very competitive players in the Dream11 app.

Is the Dream11 betting app legal in India?

Dream11 online betting has become very familiar in India. The app has been able to achieve this popularity since it provides plenty of benefits to users primarily in the form of cash prizes. These cash prizes are awarded every matchday. Due to the proliferation of many online apps that end up scamming users or facing legal wrath, some players do ask themselves if Dream11 betting is legal or not. For those wondering about the Dream11 betting legal status, the clear answer would be that it is impossible to connect this app with a game of chance like sports betting or online rummy.

A lot of research, judgment, and analysis goes into each selection and users do spend a lot of time building their team. The game has more weightage towards the experience, expertise, conditioning, and training of the user to identify players who are able to perform on specific match days. There is plenty of transparency within the game, as a user will be able to look into the details of other teams that they are competing against.

The legality of the Dream11 betting app became a question that had to be solved by the court of law, who did undertake plenty of tests to make sure that the app user needs to possess the skill to win the game. The High Court of India found out through extensive tests that Dream11 is not a game of chance. This proved to be it is a judgment in favor of Dream11, which is now allowed to act like a legitimate business that is under protection from Article 19(1)(g) of the Indian Constitution.

Key differences between Dream11 and betting

The world of betting on sports and playing on the Dream11 app might seem very similar, but this similarity is only available on a superficial level. It becomes clear after a slightly closer look that both elements of being involved in sports are completely different. For example, betting is all about putting money on an event taking place and the rewards can be huge if the prediction turns out to be successful. There is very little skill that is involved in the process.

However, the selection of players to succeed in a competition is as difficult as building a real team and making it successful. This is due to the amount of research and knowledge that has to go into the team selection. There are also numerous rules and regulations that need to be adhered to, as users are allowed only a certain number of players from a specific team. The changes to the team cannot be made at all times and there are specific limitations regarding the same.

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