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Can India Finally Embrace Basketball?

Will India finally embrace basketball. Ranveer Singh might have helped the cause of basketball in India by playing at the NBA All-Star weekend.

Can India Finally Embrace Basketball?

The Bridge Desk

Updated: 8 April 2022 11:17 AM GMT

India has a diverse culture which is reflected in the wide variety of sports that are frequently played by locals. As well as tribal games played by native peoples, Indians often enjoy cricket, field hockey, badminton, kabaddi and football.

Basketball isn't as well represented in India. Fewer people play or watch basketball compared to the aforementioned sports, making it a marginalised sport in the nation. However, there are some signs that India is warming up to basketball. Something that may help fly the basketball flag in India is that one of the nation's much-loved actors, with 38 million+ followers, took part in the NBA All-Star weekend.

Ranveer Singh Representing India in NBA Game

Ranveer Singh has participated in the NAB All-Star celebrity game this year. The silver screen actor may be best known for his roles in Band Baaja Baaraat, Lootera, Gully Boy and Gunday. But it's his basketball skills that have taken centre stage in the USA in February 2022.

Did you catch the game? How did you think he performed? Although there weren't any known betting markets on the celebrity NBA game, most other basketball games can be wagered on at sportsbooks with dedicated NBA betting pages. Keep that in mind before you watch the next NBA game.

The NBA All-Star celebrity game is an annual match hosted by the NBA. The players involved usually include many actors and musicians, but teams can also have professional athletes from other sports. So no doubt it was a tough test for Ranveer.

Singh is excited about representing India

Ranveer discussed the upcoming game with the media before it took place, stating that he was excited to take part and represent India. He will only be the second Indian representative at the NBA All-Star Weekend, and it's unique to him because he's already a huge basketball fan. He continued to state that he has been watching basketball since early childhood and started playing as a teenager, finagling suggesting that this will be "living a dream".

How did Ranveer Perform?

As the game has now come and gone, we know that Ranveer managed to get seven minutes of court time. During his time on the court, he managed two rebounds and three turnovers. But his performance seemed second thought to the way he entered the court, giving high fives with a big grin on his face.

We should not overlook the fact that Ranveer is a big name in India, with a huge Instagram following topping 38 million. There's no doubt that his love of basketball may have turned the heads of some of his fans. But his appearance alone is not going to change the landscape of sport in India.

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