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Best cricketers to have come from India

The Indian cricket team has produced fantastic cricketers over the years. In fact, the art of batting is exactly what the nation is known for.

Best cricketers to have come from India

The Bridge Desk

Published: 1 Jun 2021 12:33 PM GMT

When thinking about the sport of cricket, India will be immediately thought of for a vast array of different reasons.

Indeed, the sport is immensely popular within the country, with millions having played or watched the game be played, whilst the nation continues to be ranked towards the top of the rankings on a consistent basis as they continue to dominate certain opponents.

Of course, the team have been helped to become a powerhouse in the cricketing world - just as https://www.platincasino.com/ie/home.html has in terms of online casino rankings - by the sheer depth of quality players that they have been able to produce over the years.

When trying to compile a list of the greatest Indian cricketers, it will be impossible to satisfy everyone as there are a number of quality individuals to have represented the country and to have become legends or icons of the sport.

Here are just some of the best cricketers that they have produced:

Sachin Tendulkar

For many, it would be considered sacrilege to not include Sachin Tendulkar among the first names to be mentioned. The former batsmen is arguably one of the most famous Indians in the world, with many knowing exactly who he is even if they had not picked up a bat or ball themselves.

Nicknamed "The Little Master", Tendulkar was technically astute in his batting and was one that many young players would continue to look up to as a source for inspiration as they mirrored their own games on what he was doing out in the middle.

He holds an incredible number of records in a number of different formats of the game, with it hard for some to ever catch him.

Sunil Gavaskar

Before Tendulkar, India had one of the best openers to have ever played the game in Sunil Gavaskar. The batsman was prolific when it came down to get runs, whilst he was a natural-born leader for the team as he took them to new heights and implemented changes that would still be felt in today's India team, such as a strong work ethic.

Gavaskar was arguably one of the greatest batsmen to have ever played the game, and one some of the very best would have idolised as they grew up and became who they were when out in the middle.

MS Dhoni

There is no other way of describing MS Dhoni than as being a legend for the Indian cricket team. An incredibly impressive wicketkeeper-batsmen, the iconic player was one of the greatest the world had the pleasure to watch across numerous formats.

He would be disciplined enough to play the red-ball game well, whilst he was nothing short of sensational when it came down to white-ball cricket. He led his team to victory in a World Cup, he achieved an ODI average of over 50 and managed to guide his team in numerous heroic run chases, as well.

Anil Kumble

If you manage to take over 600 wickets during your test career, you must be pretty special. India's Anil Kumble managed to take 619 during his professional career, as he was a truly gifted bowler that made batsmen nervous as soon as he was given the ball.

Although he was a leg-break bowler, he did not have the biggest of spins, however his variations were impressive and were hard to spot, especially when he had more pace than traditional leg-breakers.

Virat Kohli

One of the latest in a long line of the best cricketers to come out of India, Virat Kohli has to go down in history as one of the best, arguably, of this century in regards to all that have played cricket.

The Indian captain - who is at his peak and continues to show signs that he will be a quality player until his days in the middle are over - has seemingly made India as strong as they ever were before, whilst he has gained celebrity status.

Kapil Dev

Any list created featuring the best cricketers to have come out of India has to include Kapil Dev. Once regarded as the best cricketer in the world - and still is by many - Dev played over 130 Tests for his country and is the holder of a number of exceptional records. For instance, he is the own player to score 4,000 Test runs and take 400 Test wickets.

A true Test all-rounder, there are not many who have bettered him or will better him in the future, whilst his leadership skills on the field and in the dressing room make him, arguably, one of the best ever.

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