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Are Real Madrid Still Champions League Favourites?

Are Real Madrid Still Champions League Favourites?

The Bridge Desk

Updated: 4 May 2022 1:14 PM GMT

The Champions League is an important sporting event, and it does attract some of the best talent in the world. Every time it goes on, people love to make bets about how the game is going to play. Who will win? Who will lose? You don't know until the game starts, and that's really part of the appeal. Casumo India gets a wealth of bets, as do most places.

Real Madrid is currently one of the top running teams in the tournament, and they are expected to win. They've got a game coming up against Chelsea on the 12th of April, and it's important, at the eleventh hour, to talk a little bit about why Real Madrid could take it all home this year.

High-Powered Performances

It's not an exaggeration to say that Real Madrid has been doing well from the second the tournament began. They've been playing a very tight, defensive game all season, and it really has done well for them. They're in a strong position to play, and to do well.

It's always interesting to watch the team rise to the top, especially when it's as meteoric or consistent as this has been. There've been some solid games from them, but what's more interesting is the opponents that they're going to be facing.

Chelsea - Back to Form?

In comparison to the strong opening start that Real Madrid have been enjoying through the season, Chelsea haven't done quite so well. While they are a good team, and nobody can know that it's safe to say that they haven't been doing particularly well.

The problem is a lack of consistency. The team hasn't been performing at a high level on a consistent basis, and this means that they had some shaky games. Most recently, they did have a good win, and it was a fine return to form, but it may not be enough.

Unfortunately, one good game is not enough to take the scales back in their favour, and many experts predict that they could maybe turn it around, but in a lot of cases, they're going to need a miracle. They might have pulled an impressive victory out of the bag during the last match at Southampton, but that does not mean that the team is returning to form, and they just don't have the consistency required to give a proper game this time.

All Or Nothing

When examining a game like this, the general consensus is that it is going to be all or nothing.

What this means is that the team will either be really well, or they won't perform all that well at all. There is no middle ground. This is because Chelsea has been struggling with that consistency that is required to give a proper challenge. They are either going to pull the miracle out of the bag and give Real Madrid a real run for their money, or they are going to fall short of the mark and Real Madrid or pick up an easy win. There is no real middle ground, so it's definitely going to be an interesting match to watch.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, when you consider the overall lack of consistency that Chelsea has been demonstrating, in sharp contrast to the performance of Real Madrid, we feel that Real Madrid could well still be the favourites to win. Ultimately, they just have a more consistent game this season, and that has done them a lot of favours. While Chelsea could beat them, it is possible, that doesn't damage Real Madrid 's chance of winning as much as you would think. Ultimately, Real Madrid are probably still going to be the ones to take it all home.

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