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What means by White Label Company in iGaming industry?

What means by White Label Company in iGaming industry?

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Updated: 3 Nov 2021 4:29 AM GMT

What is a white label company?

In the early days, there was no white label company, there was only practitioners hire a technical team to develop the system platform. As the time goes, white label company started to exist and brought great development advantages to the iGaming industry. White label service is the first step in starting up an online gambling platform due to them have a mature system that connects various payment channels and games such as sports/live casino/lottery/chess & cards/e-sports/slot games. Their existence could greatly help practitioners to save a lot of trial and error, costs and resources. In recent years, the white label companies sprung up like mushrooms, each company with its own unique capability to provide white label services to the investors/entrepreneur. These white label companies have a huge impact on the iGaming industry as they have created many successful gaming/betting websites.

What you need to build an online betting platform?

1) Domain name, server

a) High-speed and secured network system (CDN)

2) Website and APP development

a) Stunning website design, applicable to desktop and mobile APP - iOS and Android version

3) Cyber ​​security

a) Comprehensive and powerful anti-hijack system to ensure stable operation of the gaming platform, the safety of players and prevention of DDoS attack.

i) Domain name SSL anti-hijacking technology

ii) Smart intelligent risk control (anti-fraud) system

iii) Data recovery

4) Powerful backend system

a) Reporting Center (Big Data Analysis)

b) Team management system (manage frontend easily)

c) Funds management system (fast payment processing)

d) Player management system (integrate player's level and fund transfer data)

e) Agent management system (agents will have their own independent domain name)

5) Access to local hot games (fishing, e-sports, lottery, live casino, card games, electronic slot machines, sports betting)

6) Strong 24hours technical support

Kzing can meet all the above prerequisites to assist clients in launching online casino platform in a timely and successful manner. In addition to these, below are advantages of Kzing

  1. One of the most stable companies in the white label industry

  2. Accumulated more than 1,000+ clients from different countries

  3. Abundant resources to help clients build a successful, smooth and stable gaming platform

  4. Provide suitable website setup solutions to help clients entering the market

  5. Many customized templates to make the client's gambling website stand out from competitors

  6. Equipped with a comprehensive APP & Sports APP to help clients to get more player bets

  7. Supports multiple currencies (including cryptocurrencies) & multiple payment methods

  1. When looking at implementing any online casino platform, the following criteria shall be considered:

Get information of the white label company

  1. Ask friends and relatives around for reliable company

  2. Browse all kinds of betting sites related advertisements

  3. Read iGaming news from various media sites

In-depth understanding of the company background

You need to understand a few key issues surrounding the white label companies, such as the company's organizational structure, system operations, reliability of the technical team, and etc. Once you get the relevant information, you can compare among these companies, and then choose a company with good reputation.

Request demo site testing

Test whether the demonstration site is up to expectation, and see which companies provide the most optimized back-end functions that have complete system such as agency system, fund system, as well as the big data analysis system, and yet the system is easy to control and manage.

Get the best template design

The template design is an important factor that attracts players' attention! If the template design is similar to one another, then your website cannot stand out. Therefore, exquisite design must be included in the consideration when choosing a white label company.

Get a quote

White label services are usually equipped with different solutions for clients to choose according to their budget and needs. While choosing an online betting platform, it is recommended that not only looking at the fee, but also need to consider from different aspects such as easily manageable back office, excellent APP user experience, detailed cash flow data analysis and etc to find out the package that is most suitable to your needs.

If you want to know whether a white label company is reliable, the best way is to contact the person in charge directly. You may ask some key questions. If they can give satisfactory answers, then you can put this company into consideration.

The iGaming market has been actively expanding, and this trend will continue to spread to more Asia markets. Clients who are interested in operating a gambling business must keep their eyes open and learn about the information related to the white label services before investing! If you want to find a white label company with good reputation and mature technology, choose Kzing! Contact business manager to build a betting website today!

In addition, we also provide services in China market, Southeast Asia market, cryptocurrency website, and etc.

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