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Aditi Ashok in medal contention — Here are the rules of golf in Tokyo Olympics

Aditi Ashok is just a few steps away from claiming a historic medal in golf at Tokyo Olympics.

Aditi Ashok at Tokyo Olympics

Aditi Ashok at Tokyo Olympics (Source: DNA India)


Nirmit Mehta

Updated: 6 Aug 2021 1:22 PM GMT

Aditi Ashok inched closer towards securing a medal for India in golf at Tokyo Olympics, as she continued her impressive performance onto Day 3 of the event. The 23-year-old youngster is in second position with a score of 12 under par after three rounds, and is just one round away from scripting history.

A tropical storm is expected on Saturday, which is the day when the final round of golf will be held. This will lead to the rescheduling of the event, as it can the final round can be played on Sunday. However, if weather does not permit play on either of the two days, then the 72-hole event will revert to a 54-hole event, which means that Aditi Ashok will secure a silver medal at Tokyo Olympics. In this article, we look at the rules of golf at Tokyo Olympics.

Rules of golf at Tokyo Olympics

Aditi Ashok (Source: Getty Images)

In individual stroke play, 60 athletes play four rounds of 18 holes. Each round goes over one day, which means four rounds go over four days and the golfers compete for over 72 holes. The course remains the same for all four rounds.Each of the 18 holes has a number attached to it for strokes, depending on the difficulty of the course. And the length from the tee (peg placed on the ground for the first stroke of each hole) to green (culmination of a golf hole).

The number of strokes attached to a hole could be three, four, or five.If a player hits the ball into the hole in as many number of strokes attached to the hole, then it is called a par. Putting the ball in one stroke less than par is called a birdie, which is good. Putting the ball in two strokes less than par is called an eagle, which is very good. Similarly, if someone fails to score a par and take one extra stroke, it's called bogey, which is bad; two extra strokes than par is called double bogey, which means very bad.

Scoring a Par score for a round at the Tokyo Olympics has 71 points attached to it for 18 holes. If a player makes green in 68 strokes, he/she will achieve three under. Similarly, if someone makes green in 67 strokes, he/she will achieve four-under, which is invariably better than three-under. A total of 60 players compete in all the rounds and at the end of all four rounds, whoever has achieved the best score with the least number of strokes played, wins. In case of a tie after four rounds, the winner is decided through a separate play-off.

As things stand, Aditi's cumulative score after three rounds stands at -12. Nelly Korda of USA tops the chart with a under par score of 15.

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