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In Numbers: A statistical preview of the Pro Kabaddi League Final

In Numbers: A statistical preview of the Pro Kabaddi League Final


Published: 4 Jan 2019 11:36 AM GMT
Pro Kabaddi League Season 6 final is the match of best teams in the entire tournament where Bengaluru Bulls will take on Gujarat Fortune Giants. Both the teams entered the playoff stage being the group toppers. After playing 22 matches in the group stage, they have shown their dominance in their respective zones. Bengaluru Bulls entered the finals by beating Gujarat FortuneGiants in Qualifier 1 and Gujarat performed well in Qualifier 2 against UP Yoddhas to book their spot in the finals.

Tournament performance analysis

Regarding scoring and conceding points both the teams are very close with their performance. The areas which create the difference in their performance is the raid points and tackle points. Bengaluru Bulls are good in raid attacks compared to FortuneGiants as they can score 22.65 points per match. But regarding tackles, Fortune Giants are better positioned and quite good at it as they score 11.08 points per game which is better than Bengaluru Bulls 9.70.

Inter-zone encounter analysis

First time both the teams encountered against each other in Interzone match which ended up in a tie. In this encounter, the match ended at 30-30 draw. The Fortune Giants scored 20 raid points whereas Bengaluru Bulls scored only 17. In reply to that Bulls scored ten tackle points and FortuneGiants scored only 6. Raid points scoring is the strength of Bengaluru Bulls, and they missed out on that capitalization. Gujarat FortuneGiants, on the other hand, missed out to score on their tackle points which is their main strategic area of scoring points. But for both the teams the margins were close which let to a draw match.

Qualifier 1 analysis

Both the teams once again took on each other in Qualifier1 but this time Bengaluru Bulls were the winners, and they entered the finals with a 41-29 win over Gujarat FortuneGiants. This time Bengaluru Bulls showed their best game to clinch the match against Gujarat FortuneGiants. They capitalised on all the departments of the game and never allowed the opposition to dominate the game. Gujarat FortuneGiants came to the finals after defeating UP Yoddhas 38-31 in Qualifier 2, but in the finals, the challenge would be stiffer. Bengaluru Bulls know the strategies and tactics that Gujarat FortuneGiants have used to overcome their opposition. It would be interesting to watch the new plans that the FortuneGiants develop to clinch the title on Saturday, 5th January.
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