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With a tearful farewell and a promise to return Sony Norde leaves Mohun Bagan

With a tearful farewell and a promise to return Sony Norde leaves Mohun Bagan

Sounak Mullick

Published: 23 Jan 2018 4:34 AM GMT
Sony Norde's last press conference at the Mohun Bagan ground was special in many aspects, not just because it was attended by hundreds of fans, but because of the emotional wave which flowed throughout the entire place. Nobody expected tears to trickle down from the man's cheek that bravely sailed the Mariners to the other side of the water, the land of success! The media persons were prepared for the last meet with the Talismanic winger on a pleasant evening in Kolkata. Amidst much confusion and chaos created by the conglomeration of the press, the officials and the fans, Sony arrived at the club lawns. Following which, chants of 'Sony Sony' was the only sound audible. It took more than five minutes to sort out everything and make the place presentable for a meeting. The fans that came from faraway places to catch the last glimpse of the club's most celebrated footballers ever for the last time were annoyed as the cameramen constantly blocked their view, but each and everyone was doing their job. 'Dada, ektu shore daran' (please move aside) became a clich d term for most the part of the photo session when Sony was cutting a cake on the eve of Swapan Sadhan Bose's (President of Mohun Bagan) 70
birthday. 'If I keep speaking, I will cry more,' halted the Haitian, following which no one spoke for a good 5 seconds or so. The Bagan President who was sitting on a chair on the lawn, shouted out, 'We all love you Sony!' Crestfallen and dejected, the magician piled up all his courage and prepared himself for the questions from the other side of the dais. Image result for sony norde Source: Times of India 'The team showed they don't need me to win the I-League (referring to the Kolkata Derby). We could have scored six-seven goals though 2-0 got us three points. The players told me before the match they will win and they did,' said Sony, but I am pretty sure he would love to be a part of that side. 'It was hard for me to take the decision. I couldn't sleep that night when I took the decision because it was very hard for me. I hope you guys try and keep winning. I will pray for Mohun Bagan to win every match,' was his message to the players to the team which will play the rest of the season without the likes of the Haitian. The decision to leave the club halfway down the road was not easy, it was a well thought one. Sony played in the match against Churchill Brothers knowing that an injury could be fatal, but maybe the call backfired. Even the outgoing player admitted that the decision to leave would favour everyone, and if he continues to play with the injury, it will not be good for him. Playing at the historic club isn't just about winning matches and taking your dues. When you play for Mohun Bagan, you become a part of the family and the club premises becomes a home away from home with the officials, supporters, players as its family members. The love and affection given to the players can only be compared with the care shown from near and dear ones. Image result for sony norde
Source: Hindustan Times 'This club gave me everything, but I have to leave for my career, future and family. I need to be at my best. If I continue playing despite the injury, it is not good for me. I'll come back to Mohun Bagan. Want to thank the officials who treated me like I was always at home. I never missed my family when I was here.' Suffering from an injury on his right knees, he will fly straight to Argentina to consult one of the best doctors in the concerned field. He will undergo a surgery following which he will take a decision about when he will start to practice again. With Mohun Bagan likely to feature in the glamorous Indian Super League next season, the presence of Sony Norde will be more than useful than ever before for the Kolkata giants. Hopefully, we will again see him in action donning the No.16 green and maroon jersey as soon as possible! 'I promise you guys that I will come back after recovery from the injury. 'You can compare the club with every team in the world but you cannot compare the supporters.'
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