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ISL: Why does Gurpreet call Suresh his son?

Have you wondered why Suresh Wangjam had to wish Gurpreet Singh Sandhu on father's day? Read below to know more

ISL: Why does Gurpreet call Suresh his son?

Siddharth Mishra

Updated: 15 July 2021 7:53 AM GMT

Ever wondered why Gurpreet Singh Sandhu calls Suresh Wangjam, his son? We have the answer to this question, and no one other than Suresh told us the story behind it.

The team at The Bridge had an exclusive conversation with Suresh Wangjam, and he shared a lot of his secrets about life, football, and beyond.

"I started my first game for BFC in the Indian Super League against Odisha in the 2019-20 season. The game was good, we played well and won the game 3-0. I started the next match against Hyderabad also, and when the game was at 0-0, I fouled a player, which resulted in a penalty to Hyderabad. It was the worse feeling. For a young player in his second game, to give a penalty was a huge thing. I started thinking that I have given away a penalty, after this will I get another chance, will I play again for BFC."

The mistake could have cost BFC the game, but there were two things that Gurpreet did that day, which made him a superhero or 'Dad' if you want to him call him.

"After the foul, he came to me and hugged me. He told me, no problem, it's okay. You can make mistakes. It happens", the West Block Blues applauded him from the stands for his heroic first gesture when he consoled the young Suresh and showed him that it is a team game. Gurpreet showed true leadership qualities, and what he did next saved Suresh and Bengaluru FC's day.

Of course, the second act was Gurpreet Singh Sandhu saved the penalty. It was a moment of relief for Suresh and the entire team. Bengaluru FC went on to win the match 1-0 from a Nishu Kumar goal. "The best part was he saved the penalty. I went to him and hugged him. And from then on, he started calling me son."

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu penalty save against Hyderabad (Source: Deccan Herald)

The father-son banter is something BFC fans can relate with a lot; even Suresh's new contract extension was unveiled by BFC using this theme. Many people might not know the origins of the story, but finally, it's out for the world to know why Gurpreet Singh Sandhu calls Suresh Wangjam, his son.

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