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Wanted a document that gave me security: Triman Ranvir on why he did not join Kerala Blasters

Triman Ranvir could not come to a contract agreement with Kerala Blasters, and for now he wants to play in the Reliance Development League as that league allows OCI card holders.

Triman Ranvir

Triman Ranvir in action for VRS Academy in Spain


Rajdeep Saha

Updated: 1 April 2023 4:48 AM GMT

Triman Ranvir, 18, recently left Belgium, the country where he was born and brought up, and moved to India, the country where his roots lie, in order to earn his place in Indian football. But his road could be a long one yet.

The youngster almost bagged a stint with the Indian Super League outfit Kerala Blasters, but it did not move ahead due to contract complications. For now, till he gets an Indian passport, Triman wants to play in the Reliance Development League as the rules of that league allow OCI-card holders like him.

"I had an offer from Kerala Blasters. They wanted me to come until end of the season and I could have played for them in the Reliance Youth League because they allow 2 OCI card holders in each team as of current rules. They offered me accommodation, food, but when it came down to putting pen to paper, I wasn’t offered much. I only wanted a document or contract saying that I could stay until the end of this season which gave me some kind of security that I am part of the team," Triman told The Bridge in a virtual interview.

"It’s always been my dream to play for the Blasters as I am a big fan of the club and have tremendous love for the Manjappada and would love to play in front of the yellow sea," he added.

While Ranvir might be an admirer of the Kerala-based side, his heart lies with Roundglass Punjab who have been newly promoted to the ISL, and will vie in the competition from the 2023-24 season.

"I would love to play for Roundglass Punjab as it’s the only team from north in the ISL and from my home state of Punjab. Moreover it is also the ex-club of my agent Ranjit Bajaj and I have been supporting the team in there journey to top flight football in India," the player said.

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Getting an Indian passport is no mean feat, and Triman is experiencing the trials and tribulations involved with the whole process. On Friday, he took to his Twitter handle and lengthily expressed how the officials in Jalandhar weren't able to help him in his quest of getting an Indian passport, and how the lackadaisical attitude has affected his training.

"I missed 3 weeks of important football training as I am preparing myself for the football season ahead in india but can’t continue because the slow process of the indian government and passport services," his Twitter post read.

"Getting that passport is a lot of struggle but in the Reliance Development league it allows 2 OCI players in each squad as of current rules, so I will be eligible to play that league," he reiterates. "It will come, it will just take time," a hopeful Triman added regarding his Indian passport.

Presently, the Brussels local has Minerva Academy owner Ranjit Bajaj as his agent, who has been of tremendous help to the youngster so far in his Indian chapter.

"Ranjit Bajaj sir is allowing me to train and stay at Minerva, providing me accommodation and food, and the best level training with Delhi fc and Techtro Swades first team. He has high hopes in me and will provide me opportunities with ISL clubs and guide me to our shared goal to get me to the Indian national team," Triman said.

Recently, British footballer Yan Dhanda took to social media to let know his hope that one day OCI-card holders would be allowed to represent the Indian national team, and he isn't keen to give up his UK passport any time soon.

As someone who left his own country to try his luck in the unknown world of Indian football, Triman is clear where he stands.

"First of all, I respect his opinion and wish him all the best whereever he is and I think everyone should respect his opinion. I know what I want and that is to represent our nation," he concluded.

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