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Captain Fantastic- FIFA pays tribute to Sunil Chhetri in 3 episode documentary

Indian Captain Sunil Chhetri and his journey have been acknowledged by FIFA in a recently released documentary, "Captain Fantastic".

Captain Fantastic- FIFA pays tribute to Sunil Chhetri in 3 episode documentary

Sunil Chhetri features in FIFA docuseries Captain Fantastic.


Pritish Raj

Published: 28 Sep 2022 2:36 PM GMT

FIFA released the most-awaited docuseries Captain Fantastic based on India's biggest footballing superstar Sunil Chhetri. The 37-year-old talisman for India is also the third-highest active goal scorer in international football just behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

The three-episode docuseries was released worldwide on Tuesday to celebrate the career and journey of India's biggest football icon. FIFA announced it in a social media post with a graphic of Sunil Chhetri standing on the podium alongside Ronaldo and Messi.

FIFA chose Sunil Chhetri despite him playing for a country which has never qualified for the world cup shows the kind of legacy he has created in his 17 years of footballing journey.

Captain Fantastic Docuseries

Captain Fantastic is three-episode docuseries which tells the journey of India's finest. FIFA has named three episodes in footballing terms.

The first one is named 'Kick Off' which explores the baby steps of a kid coming from footballing background realizing his love for kicking the ball. The episode has unheard anecdotes, memoirs and the early age romance of Sunil with his future wife and life both.

Sunil Chhetri playing the Kolkata Derby for Mohun Bagan in his debut season. (Credits- Captain Fantastic Docuseries)

The episode explores his early encounter in footballing days and his journey from a Delhi youngster to scoring on his national debut against Pakistan.

The second episode is named 'Mid-Game'. It follows the journey of a kid with big dreams slowly making a name for himself on the national circuit and dreaming of playing at the top level in Europe.

The episode depicts the ups and downs when Sunil lands in a new country and how he fought all the tribulations and how he celebrated his triumphs.

Sunil Chhetri in his early appearance for India in his early days. (Credits- Captain Fantastic docuseries.)

The third episode named 'Extra Time' shows how the boy with big dreams has now become a national treasure. It explores the journey which sees Chhetri at top of his game piling trophies, breaking records and carrying the hope of a billion people on his shoulders. A journey of him becoming the Captain, Leader, and Legend.

The whole docuseries feels like an act of magic which unfolds in three-part much like the famous movie 'The Prestige by Christopher Nolan. It is a must-watch for all football fans.

Captain Fantastic is streaming on the FIFA + app which is available on the android play store and apple app store.

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