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Shaji Prabhakaran's removal from AIFF Secretary post temporarily halted by Delhi Court

The Delhi court has temporarily halted the AIFF's decision to terminate Shaji Prabhakaran as secretary general, raising concerns about potential FIFA intervention and a possible ban for external interference in national football affairs.

Shaji Prabhakarans removal from AIFF Secretary post temporarily halted by Delhi Court

Shaji Prabhakaran(Image via AIFF)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 8 Dec 2023 9:00 AM GMT

The termination of Dr. Shaji Prabhakaran as the secretary general of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) has been stayed by the Delhi court, putting a temporary halt to the apex sports body's decision.

On November 7, the AIFF officially announced the termination of Shaji Prabhakaran's services, citing a breach of trust as the primary reason for the immediate action, effective from November 7, 2023. The deputy secretary general, M Satyanarayan, assumed the role of acting secretary general following Prabhakaran's removal.

Kalyan Chaubey, the president of the AIFF, pointed to dissatisfaction among state bodies regarding Prabhakaran's performance as the driving force behind the decision. This move sparked speculation and debate within the football community, with supporters and critics alike questioning the motives and consequences of such a drastic measure.

However, the situation took a new twist with the Delhi court's decision to stay Prabhakaran's removal. This legal intervention introduces the possibility of third-party involvement, prompting speculation about FIFA's role in the unfolding drama. FIFA, as the global governing body for football, has historically discouraged external interference in the affairs of its member associations.

If FIFA perceives this as undue interference in the national association's affairs, it may take disciplinary action, including the imposition of a ban. The delicate balance between the autonomy of national football associations and the global governance standards set by FIFA has often been a subject of contention. The Delhi court's intervention brings this issue to the forefront, as the legal system steps into the realm of sports administration.

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