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'ISL, I-League fixed' - alleges Ranjit Bajaj, citing 'own investigation'

Ranjit Bajaj alleged widespread match-fixing in ISL and I-League. Bajaj said he did his 'own investigation as no one ever cares'. He also alleged an international syndicate is probably behind this fixing saga.

Ranjit Bajaj

Ranjit Bajaj is the owner of Minerva Academy and I-League club Delhi FC.


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 4 March 2024 6:14 AM GMT

Ranjit Bajaj, who runs the Minerva Academy and own the I-League side Delhi FC, has brought to light what he claims to be widespread match-fixing within Indian football.

His allegations, made through a series of social media posts, have sent ripples through the football community, raising serious concerns about the integrity of the sport in the country.

Bajaj said he conducted his own investigation into the matter as he felt a lack of interest from the officials. He alleges that his findings have uncovered evidence of match-fixing in the ISL and I-League, the premier and second divisions of Indian football.

"I can guarantee even ISL is fixed, when I say ISL is fixed, they can't fix the players. In football here is more spot fixing, here you'll fix referees more than anybody else," alleged Bajaj.

In another series of social media post, he alleged, "I LEAGUE IS FIXED also...@IndianFootball @ILeague_aiff did my own investigation as no one ever cares - found out stuff which will blow your mind- it’s left me shattered as there is no point in playing this league anymore-this Is why INDIAN FOOTBALL will never grow- no consequences ever in the history of india for anyone involved in fixing in football so it is flourishing in every league."

Bajaj's investigation reportedly focused on the Delhi Premier League. He alleged that the owner and major investors of three clubs - Ahbab FC, Rangers, and Juba Sangha - are the same individuals. He claims this makes it easy to fix matches, citing a personal offer he received to draw a match as evidence of serial fixing within these clubs.

Moving beyond the Delhi Premier League, Bajaj's tweets also implicated other clubs like Kidderpore SC and Aizawl FC. He alleged that the owner of Kidderpore SC was the main sponsor of Aizawl FC through his company. Bajaj claimed that Aizawl FC was warned by the AIFF (All India Football Federation) for potential third-party investor influence, leading to a change in sponsorship mid-season.

Furthermore, Bajaj's tweets included names of individuals allegedly involved in these activities, painting a picture of manipulation and a lack of transparency within the league.

Ranjit accused certain individuals of controlling clubs like Neroca FC and influencing match outcomes. He also mentioned a player from Neroca FC who allegedly reached out to him, claiming to have knowledge of blatant fixing but was afraid for his safety.

"And how ask any @ILeague_aiff club official and they wil tell you the decisions by the referees have been so so strange as they are more concerned about the no of yellow cards and red cards given out," Bajaj tweeted, hinting at possible referee involvement in the alleged fixing.

Bajaj also highlighted the stance taken by TRAU FC, another I-League club, whose secretary publicly declared zero tolerance for corruption within the club. TRAU FC reportedly suspended two players, one Indian and one foreigner, on allegations of match-fixing and officially lodged a complaint.

Ranjit Bajaj also dropped a bombshell, suggesting an international fixing syndicate may be at play, mentioning a player's claim that activities were orchestrated by Wilson Raj Perumal, a notorious figure in match-fixing circles.

The gravity of these accusations cannot be understated, as they cast a dark cloud over the integrity of Indian football. Calls for thorough investigations and accountability are mounting, as fans and stakeholders demand answers in the wake of these explosive revelations.

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