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German Olympic football team walks off the pitch after racist taunts against players in Tokyo

The stance taken by the German football team post the event is admirable to say the least

German Footballer Jordan Torunarigha

Jordan Torunarigha (Source: Wide world of sports)


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 20 July 2021 10:00 AM GMT

It seems as though the sporting world has not learnt its lesson from the racial abuse of English players last week. In another harrowing incident, the German football team competing at the Tokyo Olympics walked off the pitch after being subject to racial abuse in their warm up match against Honduras.

German player Jordan Torunarigha was racially abused twice during the course of entire game. The second time happened during a team scuffle a few minutes before the match was about to end. It was at this point that the entire team walked off the pitch.

The Honduras squad apologised as well after the game and there was no enmity or dispute between the two teams. However, it seems as though the racist allegations came from something the Honduras players said during the game as there were no fans in the stadium at that time. Jordan Torunarigha plays for Hertha Berlin and his club also put out a tweet in support of him.

Germany has been one of the leading nations in the world when it comes to anti-racist and pro LGBTQ stances. Recently, the German fan base and team united against the Hungarian football team during the Euros as the Hungarian Prime Minister had made severe anti-LGBTQ remarks.

This action of storming off the pitch is one of the many ways in which Germany has exemplified itself as a truly model nation both on and off the sports field and otherwise as well.

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