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Put passionate people at district and state associations, says Bhaichung Bhutia

Put passionate people at district and state associations, says Bhaichung Bhutia

Abdul Gani

Published: 3 Feb 2019 12:20 PM GMT
Guwahati: Indian football legend Bhaichung Bhutia said that creating a culture and putting the right person in the right place is the key to develop Indian football. Taking part in a commercial event in Guwahati on Saturday, Bhutia also stressed the need to have more grounds. On the outgoing Indian coach, he said Stephen Constantine has done a great job for the team during his tenure.

On developing a football culture

“Besides creating a culture for the game, I think, I would suggest bringing the right people who are very passionate about the game at every district and state associations. I think today, some people occupying the places have no passion for the game and are not really contributing to promote the sport. Only if the policies are implemented properly, they can develop. The focus should be at the grassroots,”
said Bhaichung during an event of Skechers Store in Guwahati on Saturday.

Importance of grassroots development

He further said that the kids in the rural areas should be encouraged to play the game. “It’s very important to encourage the kids in the rural areas to play the game. First, it’s the parents and then the village community, so that they continue playing. If they have the talent, it should be channelized in the proper way and if not, at least they will lead a healthy life,” said Bhutia, who has the distinction of playing football in Europe. Bhutia who has been a frequent visitor to Guwahati stressed the need for more grounds.
“Whenever I come to Guwahati, I can see more hospitals coming up than the grounds. If there are more grounds, I think, the need for hospitals will not be there. If the people are fit, the government also doesn’t need to spend more money in the health sector,”
he said.

On the Indian National Team

On India’s dismal preference in the Asia Cup and the resignation of coach Constantine, he said India has done well under the Brit. “I think Stephen Constantine has done a really good job for Indian football. When he came, at that time India was ranked at 170 or 174. During his tenure, we have done really well. Now we are in the top 100. Obviously, in the Asia Cup, we were very unlucky. As I’m not in the technical committee anymore, I won’t be able to comment more on it. Hopefully, someone good will be brought in for the job,” said Bhutia.
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