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Liverpool FC fans walk together to raise funds for Mumbai

The LFC fans in Mumbai joined hands with the Anfield Wrap to raise funds for people in India affected by COVID-19.

Liverpool FC fans walk together to raise funds for Mumbai

Liverpool FC Supporters distributing food in Mumbai. (Source: LFC Mumbai - OLSC/ Twitter)


Siddharth Mishra

Updated: 20 Jun 2021 6:12 AM GMT

You will never walk alone; this is what the club Liverpool FC believes in, and they go all out to support their fans, who are going all out to help the needy in between a global pandemic. The club is special in many ways, and what makes it more remarkable are the fans. The fans are loud and proud at Anfield, but they also make a huge difference to society off the field.

The Official Liverpool Supporter Club Mumbai is fundraising to support the Community Kitchen Project (a local food bank), an initiative by Khaana Chahiye Foundation (a non-governmental organization) to combat extreme hunger during the COVID-19 crisis in Mumbai. Nobody ever knows what might bring people together to fight a cause, but this time it's a football club they support passionately.

When people believe 'Sport' has a different voice, they surely mean its ability to connect with people irrespective of their race, gender, place of origin, and other created boundaries that separate people. The OLSC, Mumbai, reached out to Liverpool's biggest fan-based media channel, 'The AnfieldWrap,' asking for their help to raise funds for people fighting extreme hunger in Mumbai. The channel responded positively and even sent a signed Jamie Carragher jersey to raise more funds. But, even after making monetary donations and sharing a legend's merchandise, they felt it was not enough. So they decided to take a walk, a mad long walk, to spread awareness and raise funds for Mumbai's fight against hunger.

Southport FC to Anfield via Marine, Bootle FC, and Goodison Park. A total distance of 24 miles, roughly 40 kilometers, to make an indelible difference to the lives of people in Mumbai. They managed to raise more than 12 lakh Rupees throughout the walk, exceeding their target of 10 lakh by a mile.

The fundraiser is still active for the next ten days, and if any of you want to help the OLSC in this cause, you can go ahead and donate.

Sport unites people in a way nothing else does. A group of supporters in Mumbai who support a club from England reached out to the club's English fans and to raise funds for the people of Mumbai who are deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The English fans walked more around 40kms in Liverpool to raise awareness and funds for the people in India. And they managed to raise a fortune. This may sound bizarre, but this what Sport does, it unites people for people just on a shared connection, and this time it was Liverpool FC.

Football is nothing without fans, and fans like these make a difference. When the reds chant, 'You'll never walk alone,' they mean it and show it through acts like this.

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