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Indian Football: 'Every time we enter the field, we want to win', says women's team coach

Dennebry and Ashalata Devi looked confident in the press conference ahead of the South America tour on Friday

Dennebry and Ashalata Devi looked confident ahead of the South America tour on friday

Dennebry and Ashalata Devi looked confident ahead of the South America tour on friday


Dishari Majumdar

Updated: 20 Nov 2021 5:42 PM GMT

India Women's Team manager Thomas Dennerby looked pleased with his team during the press conference ahead of the historic South America tour, where the Blue Tigresses are all set to face Brazil, Venezuela, and Chile.

The Preparation for the Asia Cup

Dennerby has made it clear that the South American tour, as exciting as it may be to the fans, will be treated strictly as practice matches by the team for the preparation of the Women's Asia Cup which is to be held in January, he said "I will not look too much at the results because we are still on the preparation time, we have two more months to go before Women's AFC cup. So it is more to find out that we are doing the right things on the pitch, to evaluate our performances in each and every department." "The most important is to see that we can really handle good teams." He also added.

Tactical Overview

When asked about his tactical approach against Brazil who is sitting 50 spots over India right now, Dennerby made it clear that the women will not be afraid to put up a fight against the likes of Marta and Formiga, he said "every time we enter the field, we enter the field to win the game, and we will not have any other plans when we enter the field this time." He also said that even though they might get overplayed by the likes of Brazil, he wants to have the winning mentality from the team.

On Chile and Venezuela

Apart from Brazil, the other two South American teams that India will face are less scary on paper so when asked about how the team will approach Chile and Venezuela, he was quick to point out that the mentality of the team will not change for any of the opponents, he said "Our approach is similar, we enter the field to win the game. We respect our opponents but we don't fear anyone." He also added that as long as they are on the preparation time, the team or he is not worried about the result.

Areas of Improvement before Asia Cup

While answering about the areas of improvement the team is looking for, the Swedish coach made it clear that he is satisfied with what the Indian footballers have shown so far, he said "We need to improve all the different movements, we can still improve our passing game, positioning and defending, we are working on that on a daily basis, no team can do everything perfectly, But a good sign for us is that we find it harder and harder to find things that we can do better." "It is getting tougher and tougher for us to find improvements for the team so that's good."

When asked if he is going to change any training regimes for the upcoming tour, he again reinstated that he wants to hit their peak performance in January during the Asia Cup, so he will treat these games as nothing but practice matches.

The team will leave for Brazil today. India will face Brazil in their first match of the tour on 25th November, after that they will face Chile and Venezuela in 28th November and 1st December respectively.

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