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How Indian brands reacted to Ronaldo's Coca-Cola snub

Let's have a look at what Cristiano Ronaldo did in press conference before Portugal's match and how Indian brands reacted to it.

How Indian brands reacted to Ronaldos Coca-Cola snub

Abishek Sadanandam

Updated: 19 Jun 2021 7:05 AM GMT

Cristiano Ronaldo's press conference ahead of Portugal's first game of the 2020 Euros has taken social media by storm after he removed two glass bottles of Coca-Cola from the table and he said "agua" (water) holding a water bottle in his hand indicating people should prefer drinking water. This act has not only caught the attention of netizens but also affected the market value of Coca-Cola by $4 billion.

The video of this act started to trend all over the social media with some Indian brands using this opportunity to market their brand. Let's see some Indian brands reaction to Cristiano's Coca-Cola snub


This company tried to recreate the scene by showing an empty chair with two fevicol containers placed on the table. As we can see in the picture, they said "Na bottle hategi, na valuation ghategi" (The bottles won't move and valuation won't fall" which conveys their product is very good and their brand is very strong in the market.


Parle brand used this opportunity and put their hand up by promoting their product "Roll-a-Cola", a candy tasting similar to Coca-Cola. As we can see in the picture, they came up with a post saying "have solid cola instead" which shows that there's alternative to Coca-Cola in the form of candy.

Bisleri International

Since the Ronaldo's press conference was all about beverages, Bisleri International, top manufacturer of packaged water in India decided to send out a message through a post "Be smart like the G.O.A.T – quench your thirst with the right choice" conveying that people should choose water over other beverages like Coca-Cola.


Upstox is a share/stock trading platform having a caution notice to investors "Stock markets are subject to market risks, please invest carefully" and they tried to replicate Ronaldo's Coca-Cola snub in their own way as "Stock markets are subject to Ronaldo risks, place your brand carefully" conveying need to think properly before investing.

Pathkind Labs

Pathkind labs came up with a post having number 7 which is Ronaldo's jersey number with message "drink water" written in it and also adding up with "When a legend says it, You do it. Stay Hydrated" conveying water is better than other drinks for hydration.

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