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Football: Manchester City FC boss shows interest in buying an Indian club

Football: Manchester City FC boss shows interest in buying an Indian club

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Published: 5 March 2019 7:08 AM GMT
In what could be a historic development for Indian football, the owners of Manchester City FC have shown interest in buying a club in India. City Football Group (CFG) also owns six other clubs around the world apart from the former English Premier champions. New York City and Melbourne City FC are the two other prominent clubs under their ownership. As per the reports, the chief executive of CFG, Ferran Soriano mentioned that they are interested in expanding their market in Asia, as well as in India. "We have some interest in some markets and countries where there is a genuine football passion and opportunities, like China, but also India. So there might be other opportunities in Asia,”
said Soriano. He added by saying, "With all these developments, we have to be patient. We've been looking at India for nearly two years now. I'd say this year we'll end up doing investment in India." The CFG was created in 2013, the time when MLS outfits New York City FC was purchased, the second after the Manchester based side. The Group has made investments in five clubs in the past six years. Just a couple of weeks ago, the CFG bought a share in Chinese team Sichuan Jiuniu. Soriano clearly mentioned that the group is looking forwards to invest in two or three more clubs in the near future. Regarding the matter, he said, "I cannot see 10 years ahead but the group might have two or three teams more. Is this going to change in five years and we're going to have more? Maybe, I don't know that.” Recently, FC Basel joined hands with Chennai City FC for the development of the South Indian club. With a club like Mohun Bagan without a major sponsor, the CFG might look at the prospect of investing in the century-old club, especially with such a huge fan following.
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