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Bayern Munich to deduct player wages over refusal to take Covid vaccination

Europe has seen a rise in Covid infections which is projected to heavily affect all aspects of football matches in the coming months

Bayern Munich to deduct player wages over refusal to take Covid vaccination

Troubling times for these playerssource- telecom Asia)


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 23 Nov 2021 7:18 AM GMT

The recent surge in Covid cases across Europe is a cause of concern for sports in particular. Germany, Austria, Belgium, and even the Netherlands have seen protests against lockdowns being imposed despite there being a genuine rise in deaths and infections. Certain states in Germany have now been directed to allow fans at a 25% operating capacity only in order to curb rising infections.

One notable issue that has come to light is certain players in football teams are refusing to get vaccinated. Bayern Munich has seen a supposed rift in the team as some players have been docked their wages over not having accepted the vaccination. Moreover, these players have come in contact with a Covid positive individual and have been forced to quarantine as a result. This is being seen all over the German football community as certain players continue to avoid getting vaccinated while playing for the team. As a result, the Bayern Munich hierarchy has ordered a deduction of wages for all the days that the players are in quarantine.

The fear is that these players will cause a problem to the team's performance over their stubbornness to get vaccinated. Joshua Kimmich had earlier said "I am of course aware of my responsibility, I follow all hygiene measures and get tested every two to three days. Everyone should make the decision for themselves. There is a very good chance that I will still get vaccinated, It's simply that I still have some concerns.".

Public places such as markets and restaurants have been ordered to shut down for the time being. Many European countries have had a divided opinion over the vaccine with politicians and celebrities taking sides in the ongoing debate. Regardless, Europe is bracing for a massive Covid wave in the coming months.

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