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Hilarious referee mix-up mirrors Ronaldinho's famed incident in Indian Super League clash

Referee's red card turned yellow in a comical twist during the Indian Super Game, reminiscent of Ronaldinho's incident.

Hilarious referee mix-up mirrors Ronaldinhos famed incident in Indian Super League clash

Aswathy Santhosh

Updated: 25 Sep 2023 5:59 PM GMT

A comical incident unfolded during the Indian Super Game clash between Jamshedpur FC and East Bengal FC. In the 95th minute, Emil Benny committed a foul on Saul Crespo, sparking a scuffle between the two teams. Notably, Saul Crespo seemed to purposefully push Emil Benny aside.

Following a heated exchange involving both sets of players, the referee initially brandished a red card and ordered Emil Benny off the pitch. Emil appeared bewildered but complied. However, just before entering the tunnel, the referee called Emil back and, with a chuckle, replaced the red card with a yellow one.

This incident bore a resemblance to the famous episode involving Ronaldinho during a match between Inter Milan and AC Milan. In that case, the referee intended to issue a yellow card to Ronaldinho but mistakenly reached for a red one.

The unexpected red card surprised everyone, as the foul didn't warrant such a severe punishment. Realizing his error, the referee swiftly withdrew the red card and instead showed a yellow card, all while sharing a laugh with the players.

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