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AIFF committee introduces structural changes, raises concerns over secretary general's powers

The Kalyan Chaubey-led AIFF has implemented measures that could potentially curtail the decision-making independence of Shaji Prabhakaran.

AIFF committee introduces structural changes, raises concerns over secretary generals powers

Shaji Prabhakaran was removed as the secretary generation of AIFF in November 7, 2023.   


The Bridge Desk

Published: 2 Jun 2023 3:52 PM GMT

In a recent development that has captured the attention of the Indian football community, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) committee, under the leadership of Kalyan Chaubey, has taken a step that could potentially limit the powers and decision-making independence of its secretary general, Shaji Prabhakaran, as reported by Times of India.

This move comes just days before the AIFF's highly anticipated finance committee meeting in the capital.

As per the TOI report, in a letter dated May 30, 2023, bearing the AIFF president's letterhead, Kalyan Chaubey confirmed the establishment of a high-level core committee. This committee comprises NA Haris as Chairman, Avijit Paul as Deputy Chairman, and members Tetea Hmar, Mulrajsinh Chudasama, and Vijay Bali.

The letter highlights several key areas in which Shaji Prabhakaran will be expected to collaborate with the new panel, encompassing procurement and training, budget and financials, infrastructure, office renovation and new project developments, as well as decisions regarding staff recruitment and national football competitions.

The perspectives surrounding the committee's potential impact diverge among stakeholders. Some believe that the inclusion of a diverse group of individuals could foster collaboration and bring fresh perspectives to the decision-making process.

Conversely, there are concerns that the committee's involvement may lead to inefficiencies and delay essential decision-making.

While some members of the Indian Football Federation express hope that the core committee will improve coordination and transparency, others harbor reservations about the underlying motives driving this decision.

Critics argue that these structural changes could impede the secretary general's ability to act independently and promptly in the best interest of Indian football. They fear that the involvement of the core committee may introduce unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles and hinder the implementation of crucial reforms within the AIFF.

As discussions unfold within the Indian football community, the true motivations and implications of the AIFF committee's actions remain unclear. Speculation abounds, further fueling the ongoing debates surrounding this development.

With the finance committee meeting drawing near, the attention of the Indian football fraternity will be focused on the examination of Chaubey and Prabhakaran's travels, as well as the potential effects of the new core committee on the secretary general's role and the future direction of the All India Football Federation.

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