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Struggling to shed pregnancy weight once, Mitushi Ajmera is now a fitness coach

India’s first Pilardio instructor and Sports Nutritionist cum Fitness Coach Mitushi Ajmera shares her experiences on health, fitness, importance of eating right and Pilardio.

Struggling to shed pregnancy weight once, Mitushi Ajmera is now a fitness coach

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Published: 12 March 2020 8:50 AM GMT

The number of factors that act as a crippling elements in the day-to-day-lives of people makes for a tall list and matters relating to body fitness occupies a major section of it. Unknown to ourselves, the negligence towards maintaining our body fitness and pursuing healthy lifestyle blots itself out in the form of various issues that glare at us. For India’s first Pilardio instructor and Sports Nutritionist cum Fitness Coach, Mitushi Ajmera, the beginning of her journey as a personal trainer saw her dealing with a common, yet plaguing issue, that of postpartum weight loss.

In an exclusive interview with The Bridge, the mother of two revealed, “My journey started around 10 years back when I was trying to lose some extra weight that I had gained after my son’s delivery. I was at 87 kgs then,” she distinctly remembered. For women, putting on weight post-pregnancy has been a persistent matter of concern.

Desiring to take the reins in her own hands, Ajmera also stepped into a new phase of her life when she entered the gym to bring back her fitness, “When I lost that weight, I realized I’d like to pursue this, fitness was something I was liking. So then, I got into this profession. It was seven years back that I became a coach,” the renowned trainer recalled.

Mitushi stepped into a new phase of her life when she entered the gym to bring back her fitness. (Image: Instagram/mitushi_ajmera)

Soon enough, Mitushi met with a muscle injury and therefore chose to shift her focus towards pilates. Being the most trusted training form required to improve the muscular strength and enhance endurance movements by promoting core strength, muscle balance, and proper posture alignment, pilates became Mitushi’s method towards healing her body. The nutritionist and wellness coach remembers, “ I started with pilates. Then I went ahead and studied further and became a personal trainer and a nutritionist and eventually, a full-fledged coach,” Mitushi explained.

Over the years Mitushi has gathered ample experience as a trainer and fitness coach and has come across people from various walks of life who shared some inter-mingling, some unique fitness concerns with her. These interactions with her clients have helped Mitushi broadly understand the requirements that these people approach her with. Categorically pointing out, Mitushi says, “I have 3 types of clients. Firstly, there are people who come to lose weight and want to become fitter and they take up these lifestyle changes to become healthier,” referring to those health-conscious and body-conscious set of people who frequent the gym. “ Secondly, there are athletes who look for professional help in terms of nutrition, to become better.,” Mitushi says as she elaborated about how several athletes come to her seeking better ways to oomph their performance by following the right diet plan and exercise regime. Lastly, Mitushi points out, “The third category of clients are those people who are struggling with injuries. So they all come to me because I am a pilates teacher and a coach,” she explains revealing her niche for providing Injury Management sessions as well.

Mitushi has gathered ample experience as a trainer and fitness coach and has come across people from various walks of life who shared some inter-mingling, some unique fitness concerns with her. (Image: Instagram/mitushi_ajmera)

The concept of Injury Management is more or less an exclusive feature that Mitushi is aided with. Interestingly enough, Mitushi has a dedicated clientele who approaches her after recovering from the injury and with the desire to train and enter into a healthy lifestyle. The fitness coach says, “I don’t do the diagnosis. I train them with the issues to become stronger. So I take over only after the physiotherapist gives a green flag. I do not do the diagnosis or treat them. But once they start their strength training, I take over and take it further,” she elaborately explains.

Ajmera lends her voice also to bust the myth about how consuming certain food can be unhealthy for the body by saying, “You don’t put on weight with just one food. It is cumulative. If you want panipuri, you can eat, just take care of the portions. Eventually, it comes down to calories,” she emphatically points out. However, Mitushi also remarks that one cannot just simply consume a certain type of food and not focus on others. She additionally highlights the necessity of balanced eating. She says, “ 80%, you still have to eat healthily and eat right. To lose weight and to become healthier, you do need to reduce calories,” she claimed.

The concept of unhealthy food is a sham and Mitushi clarifies it, “There is no food which is unhealthy. Everything that is real is healthy and can be eaten. We too put on weight by eating healthy food. Whatever you eat, you have to eat it in moderation again. It is all about portions and moderation. You can’t say only fruits and vegetables are healthy, no, my philosophy is everything which is real and edible is healthy,” she said as she revealed her take on the correct form of diet to adhere to.

The concept of unhealthy food is a sham for Mitushi Ajmera. (Image: Instagram/mitushi_ajmera)

There are many roles that Mitushi has had to don ever since she put on the shoes of becoming a personal trainer. Most of her clients have come to her and expressed the pressure of the societal glare that has pushed them to take a look at their bodies. In this modern age, it is strange how society is still quick to body shame and set various standards for beauty and fitness and idealizes them to unrealistic proportions. This, in turn, causes a lot of stress to take a toll on the person and scrutinize themselves with respect to the societal standards. Mitushi is not unfamiliar to such issues and says, “ As a coach, we have to teach them to be positive about everything. It does affect and create a lot of stress. We have to keep motivating them constantly and telling them, “It’s not about others. It’s about you.” Every woman is fighting a different battle of her own,” Mitushi establishes empathetically.

The inspiration that Ajmera has modeled herself to be is quite admirable. Perfectly humane and relatable, Mitushi’s mantra is simple towards achieving fitness. Not the person who will engage in meaningless and exhausting workouts, Mitushi works with a set agenda and in a way that is considerate to the well-being of the body. The experienced fitness trainer advises, “Whatever you do, whether you want to lose weight or put on weight, it has to be what you want and not what others want. If you are happy with whatever weight you have, then nobody can tell you that it is wrong, that you are fat or skinny,” points out Mitushi with a firm tone.

She adds, “If you are happy, that is the ideal weight for you. It is completely on you how you want to see yourself and if you are able to work efficiently with that body, that’s what fitness is,” she sums up quite impressively. A brilliant inspiration for people struggling with weight issues and fitness problems, Mitushi Ajmera is the one person who will ask you to find your happiness first and through it, seek your fitness and pave the way to a healthier and productive lifestyle.

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