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Why does Saina Nehwal’s biopic poster show a tennis serve?

Why does Saina Nehwal’s biopic poster show a tennis serve?
Saina Nehwal biopic poster

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Published: 2 March 2021 8:49 AM GMT

Fans had been running out of patience for the much-awaited Saina Nehwal biopic to hit the silver screen. Finally on Tuesday, the poster and release date of the Parineeti Chopra-starrer 'Saina' is out.

The movie is set to release in theatres on March 26. The poster of the movie shows a hand, which has an Indian tricoloured wrist band, reaching out for a shuttlecock. Soon after the poster was released and shared by prominent personalities, many of the Twiterattias were found commenting about the flaw in the poster.

As per their interpretations, it showed that badminton shuttlecock is being served like that of a ball in tennis. Fans mentioned that a badminton serve doesn't happen from the top but from below.

People even started questioning the filmmakers about their disregard for the intelligence of the cinema-going audience. Twitterati is not letting it slide. Check out their reactions here.

The technicalities of a serve

In badminton, a serve must be hit in an upwards direction, with an underarm hitting action. One is not allowed to play a tennis-style serve. The main rule here is that when one hits the shuttle, it must be below his/her waist.

While in tennis, a service is a shot to start a point. A player will hit the ball with a racquet so it will fall into the diagonally opposite service box without being stopped by the net.

Though the action in poster of the movie replicates a serve of tennis, it might have been simply misinterpreted by the Twitter experts. The action shown in the poster can aslo be interpreted as how someone reaches out to catch the shuttlecock before serving it. This is a very common action for catching the shuttlecock with a hand when it is thrown towards the player to begin the serve.

Let's not conclude by claiming the poster technically wrong. Those who play badminton are well player how they reach out for the shuttlecock before serving it for points.

Saina Nehwal's biopic was initially announced with Shraddha Kapoor who had even trained for the role. But later Parineeti Chopra replaced her. The film is directed by Amole Gupte.

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