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Learning to Relax to Improve Sports Performance

Learning to Relax to Improve Sports Performance

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Published: 15 Sep 2020 10:34 AM GMT

How well one performs in any sports is heavily dependent on the activities of the player on and off the field, court, or pitch. One activity that should be included compulsorily for players and athletes is the act of Relaxation. Relaxation is a process that reduces the effects of stress on your body and mind such that it gives you peace and leisure.

Relaxing is a great help to everyone that decides to embrace it. More importantly, in the world of sports, it goes a long way in affecting the performance of athletes positively. In a very stressful world, relaxation is to be taken with utmost seriousness. It is the duty of a standard coach always vehemently to state the importance of relaxation to their athletes.

But it is quite unfortunate that a lot of players do not take the idea of relaxation seriously. Given the significance of relaxation, coaches should take out time to teach players how to relax by explaining the process and demonstrating it.

In this article, we’re going to be doing a succinct description of learning to relax for improvement in sports performance. Please sit back and enjoy the ride as we take you through some basic simple relaxation techniques.

Deep Breathing

This is quite simple and straightforward. You are to sit comfortably with your back straight and slowly inhale through your nose, draw air deep into your lungs. Then hold your breath for about five seconds and release it gradually.

As you are inhaling, imagine the stress and fatigue in your body that’s keeping you from your best performance are being removed. Focus on each breath and repeat the exercise 5 to 10 ten times. You are to maintain that energy while inhaling and exhaling.

GIRL Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

You are to lose any form of clothing you have and get comfortable. Take deep breaths for a couple of minutes, in and out. When you are done, shift your focus to your right foot and pay attention to how it feels.

After that, tense the muscles in your right foot slowly and squeeze them as tightly as you can, and count from one to ten.Relax your foot and focus on the tension flowing away and how your foot feels as it becomes relaxed and limp. If you’d like to relax through another form, we recommend playing your favourite games on sites such as Comeon India as it features lots of interesting betting options.

After that, focus on your other foot, and repeat the same procedure. Move up your body slowly by relaxing and contacting the different muscle groups such as the face, legs, abdomen and chest, neck, arms, and shoulders. It may take some time to get used to the procedures, but once you do, you are good to go. Enjoy the relaxed state and breathe deeply and slowly.


This aspect involves traditional medication that has to do with imagining as a scene in which you feel at peace, letting go of all anxiety and tension. You are to select a setting that suits you the most and visualize yourself in that location.

You can visualize and focus better with the use of listening aids like a sound machine or soothing music, or a recording that matches your setting. The visualization works best when you incorporate as many sensory details as possible. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful scene and setting that you love and find peace in that.

Bear in mind that for these skills to work, you have to be consistent at them daily for about five to ten minutes. A sports enthusiast and a player must be consistent in the practice of learning to relax so your performance can be topnotch. With the right process of relaxation, you become focused, well relaxed, and be at the top of your game!

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