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History of Indian sports: Facts, Players and Traditional Indian Sports

History of Indian sports: Facts, Players and Traditional Indian Sports

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Published: 15 Sep 2020 10:41 AM GMT

India is a country that experienced colonial rule for a long while, along with vast cultural diversity. The combination of the two things paved the way for a variety of sporting disciplines in India. India is home to several sports that are ranging from tribal games to more conventional sports like badminton and Cricket. The history of Indian Sports goes as far back as the Vedic period, and it is even believed to be as old as 8000 years old, from the time of Indus Valley civilization. Due to colonization, Indians became one of the tops most developed in ancient times. Seals and some other artifacts were discovered at Indus valley, which proved that boxing and hunting started from then. Religion is an essential identity of the Indians, and so several physical games and sports have their influence from it. The fourth of the Vedic scriptures of Hinduism states that ‘duty is in my right hand and the fruits of victory in my left’. This Vedic mantra is very similar in context to the traditional Oath, for the honor of my country and Glory of the Sport’.

Sports in India attained new heights when Buddhism came into existence. The Tiruvedachrya in Villas Mani has described several games; archery, chariot-racing, equitation, hammer-throwing, etc. There are tons of games that got their origin from India, and they include; wrestling, field hockey, tennis, boxing, Cricket, etc. there are Indian casino reviews that you can go through to gain more knowledge. The popular game Chess also came from India, where it was formerly called Chaturanga.

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Badminton also originated from India as it evolved from an old children's game referred to as Battledore and Shuttlecock. Badminton fully started when the British were ruling in the 19th century. The game was played by British army officers that were posted to Pune. Pune was formerly called Poona, and so the game was called 'Poona' which the British officers played well.

There is also the game, Kabaddi. Kabbadi is a contact team sport where physical contacts are needed to score points and win the game. This game became popular in different countries other than India in the 20th century. Other games that became recognized outside of India include; Snooker, Snakes and Ladder, Cards, Polo, Martial Arts, Chess, etc.

Notwithstanding, Cricket is the most popular sport in India, and they have proven times and times over to be the best at it.

Asides all that has been said, other noteworthy facts about Indian Sports and their players too. The 1st Indian Women athlete to be listed as a medal winner in the World Athletics Championship is Anju Bobby George. India joined the Olympics Games in 1900 but didn’t win any gold medal till after 28 years by winning in Hockey after they defeated the Netherlands by three goals to nothing in the finals.

Vijender Singh is referred to as the Indian David Beckham because of his good looks and his success in the Boxing profession. Leander Paes is the oldest player in Open era Tennis who won a Grand Slam after winning the Men’s Doubles titles in the 2013 US Open with Radek Stepanek. Rahul David is the first Cricketer not of the Australian descent to have spoken at Sir Donald Bradman’s oration.

Geet Sethi is the only cueist to score over 1000 breaks in billiards and 147 in snooker. His scores and points were featured in the Guinness Book of records as he remains unbeaten. India won World Cup Hockey, Malaysia in 1975 against Pakistan on the 15th of March. In 1980, Prakash Padukone won the All England Badminton Title after his victory over Liem Swie, King of Indonesia.

All these and much more are what Indian Sports looked like. They have forever revolutionized the world of Sports, and we are all grateful to them.

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