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Girls from India and Pakistan join hands to break Guinness World Record in football

Girls from India and Pakistan join hands to break Guinness World Record in football

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Published: 28 Jun 2019 10:20 AM GMT
While diplomatic problems between India and Pakistan make peace seem like a pipe dream, it is probably through sports these two countries engage with each other constructively. Setting yet another example, six girls -- five from India and one from Pakistan -- arrive together to Lyon in France to participate in ‘street football world Festival19’, a highlight of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. A tweet by Pakistan’s woman footballer Abiha Haider having a photograph of all six of them has drawn admiration as the players aim to make a place on the Guinness Book of World Records by attempting the biggest football match. The festival, which will begin on June 29 and will continue till July 8, will feature a street soccer tournament played by ‘football3 rules’ designed to promote tolerance and youth leadership as well as an educational and cultural exchange programme. The festival will be organised jointly by streetfootballworld and Sport dans la Ville. The stars of the festival are 240 young people (aged between 15 to 18 years) from disadvantaged communities all over the world and who have earned their place on the pitch through their commitment to
“changing the world through football"
. Image : Dana Rosiger The biggest attraction of the tournament will be Equal Playing Field’s latest attempt at attempting the biggest football match, a world record which is driven by a desire to empower and inspire women in football. This will be the organisation’s third attempt at a world record. The campaign also holds the record for the highest altitude football match, on Kilimanjaro, and the lowest, by the Dead Sea in Jordan. The new feat will involve 3,000 athletes and will take five days of non-stop playing through day and night. There will be no half-time and will involve roll-on, roll-off substitutions for the duration. In an interview with
The Guardian
, Equal Playing Field’s Maggie Murphy says, “When you actually start to break down 3,000-plus players, we’re looking at around 270 individual 30-minute time slots,” says Murphy. “When you think about the substitutions, never before has a fourth official worked as hard as they will do during our game. Because literally every half an hour there will be upwards of 15 to 20 substitutions,” she adds. Athletes from across the globe will join the bandwagon in breaking the world record. The Indian brigade comprises of a team from Yuwa, which is supported by BookASmile. Yuwa is a non-profit organization based in Jharkhand which enables girls to script their future through football. By bringing vulnerable girls out of isolation and into a positive team environment, Yuwa combats child marriage, gender-related violence, and human trafficking
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