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Despite family opposition, this Zumba instructor is living her passion

Despite family opposition, this Zumba instructor is living her passion

The Bridge Desk

Published: 30 March 2020 1:57 PM GMT

‘When you can’t go on, let the beat take you further.’

Jyotsna Arora embodies these words not only when she’s leading her Zumba sessions but also living her life. The passion with which this Delhite approaches her chosen profession is more than just a shred of ample evidence that she is truly living her dream life.

Believed to be an incredibly efficient stress reliever that gets one in shape, Zumba has expanded significantly since 2001. Losing yourself in the music and being yourself, this high-energy workout routine causes everyone to let loose and dance to catchy tunes that make it impossible to listen and stand still. Jyotsna is among many other enterprising youths who have more often than not taken the unconventional route with it.

Jyotsna Arora | Source: Instagram Jyotsna Arora | Source: Instagram

Born into a family where ‘good education’ and a ‘steady’ job of a teacher were considered as the milestones of a successful life, Jyotsna agrees that she did walk this prescribed route, but there was always something to look forward to, that will lead to happiness and peace. She recalls how she always wanted to take up dancing as a child, only to be rebuked by her family.

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Dance is often viewed as a hobby, and well-meaning parents frequently encourage education while discouraging dance. Jyotsna’s parents desired a more stable or lucrative profession; after becoming a teacher, she pushed herself, despite familial strains, to find the payoff being worth the struggle.

“I was not happy with what I was doing. I finally convinced my parents that I can keep myself and the society fit through Zumba. I knew this my only chance. I had to become something, I had to create my own identity,” she says.

Jyotsna Arora | Source: Instagram Jyotsna Arora | Source: Instagram

Like any other pivot in life, it did not come easy at first. Tasked with a demanding job as well as Zumba, Jyotsna had her hands full. She would be working long hours, almost 15 hours a day, but Zumba was a different world form her cubicle and she was having the time of her life.

In a year’s time, she quit her job and began pursuing Zumba as a full-time career option. Soon, her reputation and client base grew, and she went on to become an inspiration for thousands to get off their backsides and pursue a more active lifestyle. Just like in any high-powered Zumba session, Jyotsna manages to stay in sync with both positive and negative outcomes of life, without missing a beat.

The difficult part comes when with any kind of fitness routine, people’s preferences and their choices matter the best. Something might work out for a few but may not click with someone else. However, it becomes imperative that one understands the person and modules the routine in a similar manner. “Zumba workout doesn’t necessarily mean just movement, it involves a lot of functional exercises apart from dancing.”

Jyotsna Arora | Source: Instagram Jyotsna Arora | Source: Instagram

However, it is not necessary that you need to find something to call your passion but one needs to be a passionate person and do things with 100% honesty. “If you have any dream, follow it. Give it a try because it is totally worth it. If you follow your dream with all your conviction, the universe will support you in so many ways that you can’t even imagine. There were days when I would wake up to miracles happening in my life, Zumba was a far-sighted dream for me. If you come too far towards achieving your goal, think twice before quitting,” explains Jyotsna.

So, next time when you look for a new way to bring the heat back to your daily routine, look no further than one hour of high-intensity Zumba workout!

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