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 Exploring the 3 Bs of Solitaire: Beginning, benefits and best variations

 Exploring the 3 Bs of Solitaire: Beginning, benefits and best variations

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Published: 22 Jan 2021 9:32 AM GMT

The game of Solitaire has come a long way. Earlier all you had to do was open the pre-installed solitaire on your desktop. You were taken into the world of solitaire with a single click. Now you can play solitaire game online on your smartphone without worrying about having a pre-installed game. Let’s dig in to appreciate and discover the 3 Bs of this cool, nostalgic game.


While there is not much clarity on the history of solitaire, it is believed that the game found its roots in China in the 10th century. It gradually spread to Egypt, then to Europe, and finally to the other parts of the world. However, the clearest evidence of the popularity of this game is from the late 20th century when Microsoft incorporated it into its Windows operating system. Since then, a bunch of free online solitaire games have been easily available online. One can easily find plenty of options online with a single click.


Solitaire can be very good for your mental health and it can help you exercise your mind. When you do something that does not require you to be perfect, the mind treats it as relaxation. If played for recreational purposes, solitaire helps the mind do that. Other than that, it helps you make better decisions and improve your analytical skills. It’s the best resort if you’re looking for any mind-stimulating games.

Best variations

If you are someone who is bit by the bug of variety, there isn’t a better game than solitaire for you. In simple words, this game has so many versions that you possibly cannot get enough of it. One of the versions is klondike, which is similar to the game that is pre-installed on Windows computers. Another version is spider. You can look at spider as an upgraded version of classic solitaire, only with more suits on the tableau. If you want to challenge yourself, the best variation for you would be pyramid. Choose and decide according to your gaming personality. If you’re a new player or want to brush up your basics, check this: How to play solitaire game.

Though it sounds simple, winning a solitaire game is not easy. Keeping in mind the factors of human error or the odds of winning, players still look at this game as a challenge and practice for years in order to master it. But playing solitaire is one of those activities where the process is more enjoyable and interesting than the result. However, like most card games, solitaire is also a game of skill.

If you have always been interested in and fascinated by solitaire, rejoice because it is now easily available on your smartphone. So pick up your mobile, download the game and play it anywhere and at any time. Happy gaming!

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