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Aditya Ganeshwade the Sachin Tendulkar of Roll Ball?

Aditya Ganeshwade the Sachin Tendulkar of Roll Ball?

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Updated: 6 Dec 2022 3:25 AM GMT

Sachin Tendulkar of Roll Ball?

Aditya Ganeshwade one of the finest India athletes, World Record holder and an unsurpassed Roll Ball player.
In Aditya's career of 17 Years in Roll Ball , he has achieved and brought a lot of glory and admiration to the nation and sports world. Being the captain of the Indian Roll Ball team he is known for his meritorious performance, leadership and as a crucial game maker.

With all his hard work and dedication he has taken this Indian invented sport single-handedly to an apogee globally. Aditya Ganeshwade is among the very few 'early birds' to play Roll Ball and help in accelerating the game's fame amongst new sporting enthusiasts.

Aditya holds the World Record as 'Highest Goal Scorer' scoring the maximum number of goals(111) in World Championship; along with the record of scoring the maximum number of goals(33) in a single world event! For his superlative performance at the World Championship he has won 'Best Player Award' in 2013, 2015 and 2017. He holds more than 9 major records in this sport at national and International level.
Aditya, a four-time world champion and currently the only roll ball player to score more than 100 International goals. He has 122 International goals scored to his credit till today. For his top-hole performance and records he has been nominated for the prestigious 'Arjuna Award' for the fifth time in succession.

He is the only Indian to play five world championships. And under his captaincy India has won two World Cup consecutively.
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