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East Bengal’s favourite ‘Logenz Mashi’ gets club’s no.12 jersey

East Bengal’s favourite ‘Logenz Mashi’ gets club’s no.12 jersey

Sohinee Basu

Published: 2 Feb 2020 6:15 AM GMT

There has been one figure that has been ever-constant for the East Bengal F.C no matter the change of players or coaches or even the passing of the years, one woman has stood by the red and yellow brigade firmly.

Affectionately called 'Logenz Mashi' (Candy Aunty), Jamuna Das, who can be inevitably found dotting the lush green fields of Maidan, come winter or rain, peddling sweets and candies to passers-by, also nurtures an immense passion for football. Logenz Mashi has been a constant presence in almost every match of the East Bengal club, rooting for them everywhere they traveled - be it at the Yuva Bharati Stadium in Salt Lake or the Kalyani Stadium.

Logenz Mashi ensures that she follows her favorite club around and most endearingly gives away sweets and candies to the players and even the fans. Over the past two decades, Das has made herself a household name among the football-fanatics in the city. Not just popular with the East Bengal team, Logenz Mashi is loved by every side and sometimes, even supported by them to help her sustain her day-to-day life.

Logenz Mashi Candy Aunty-
Jamuna Das enjoying a game of football from stands. (Image: Twitter)

Das' passion for the game and dedication for the club moved East Bengal's new head coach Mario Rivera. On 1st February, Logenz Mashi got the ultimate recognition that a fan could dream of. The East Bengal team presented her a jersey for her unwavering support to the club. Rivera handed over the club's No. 12 jersey to the ardent fan at an event in Kalyani. The gesture is a sign of club's inclusivity and now Logenz Mashi is the 12th member of the squad.

Das prepares sweets out of the necessity to earn, ever since her husband's death. The die hard East Bengal fan made the fields of Maidan her home. She longs to travel far and wide, wherever the players of her favorite team go and now that she is the 12th member, she might be closer to achieving this dream.

Logenz Mashi Candy Aunty
Candy Aunty distributing sweets at a football game. (Image: Twitter)

For Das getting the club's official jersey is the ultimate recognition of her dedication to the sport and the club. Any fan would attest that.

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