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Top 5 Guns Players MUST use in Valorant

Top 5 Guns Players MUST use in Valorant

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 19 Aug 2020 11:23 AM GMT

Riot’s newest entry in the FPS genre Valorant has taken the world by storm. With the growth of Esports in India, Valorant is poised to be one of the biggest esports in India.

Here are the top 5 weapons that a player must master to get good at the game:


This semi-automatic primary weapon has the highest damage per bullet. It is the only weapon that can one-hit kill the enemy. One of its drawbacks tho is how expensive it is. While this weapon has low fire rate that could make you vulnerable but in the right hands, it can be the most dangerous weapon to have in their loadout.


This shotgun is the most expensive shotgun in the game. It is the best close quarter weapon to have in their loadout. At 10 meters or less, this weapon can one-shot an armored agent. One of the advantages the Judge has is that if you headshot an enemy, the bullets do double damage. This weapon has a reduced spread compared to the Bucky while having a higher fire rate making it extremely dangerous.



This fully automatic assault rifle has lesser damage as compared to its other counterpart. However, it has greater accuracy and low spread with a silencer. It’s higher fire rate and silencer makes it a great weapon for ambushing. It can one-shot an enemy if you headshot at close range. While holding down ADS, it decreases recoil and spread making it very accurate.


This sub-machine primary weapon is fitted with a silencer. The Spectre is a very accurate weapon that has a relatively low profile and high magazine capacity. However, its drawback is it’s lower per-shot damage. It is an ideal weapon to have when trying to save credits for a gun round while being effective at close range and unarmoured targets.


This fully automatic pistol occupies the secondary slot in the loadout. This high damage sidearm which can kill with 3 shots to the head. It’s highly effective at close range with sustained fire. It’s relatively low price makes it a great choice for players to use in eco rounds and pistol rounds.

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