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Top 5 Valorant Abilities — Power Ranking

Top 5 Valorant Abilities — Power Ranking

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 19 Aug 2020 9:45 AM GMT

Valorant Esports has been growing around the world and primarily in India. Riot’s new FPS has agents that can turn the tide in your favour. Following up on the best agents to use in Valorant, here are the top 5 abilities that some agents use that can tip the scales for your team.

Cypher’s SPYCAM

Cypher’s ability is called SPYCAM which allows you to equip a camera. Using this ability gives Cypher users to spy on the battlefield and tag enemies with a marking dart revealing their location.


Raze equips a cluster grenade which when thrown does damage and splits into mini grenades. This ability is one of the strongest abilities damage wise, killing the enemy if they get hit by these three grenades.


Sage throws out an orb and when fired builds a wall that can prevent enemies from walking through the choke point. Barrier Orb also prevents gunfire from coming through making it an effective defensive wall.

Reyna’s DEVOUR

Devour allows Reyna to heal through Soul Orbs that are left behind by enemies killed by Reyna. This ability allows rapid healing and any excess health will decay over time. While her ult is active, will cast the skill automatically and not cost the soul orb

Kill joy's NANO SWARM

Nano Swarm is a grenade that when thrown goes covert and Killjoy can activate this ability. This deploys a swarm of nanobots that instantly damage and kill enemies making it one the strongest abilities in the game.

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