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Team Tamilas — the first team from South India in a major PUBG Mobile Esports tournament

Team Tamilas — the first team from South India in a major PUBG Mobile Esports tournament

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 4 Aug 2020 6:56 AM GMT

The Bridge has partnered with Team Tamilas, an up and coming esports organization based out of Chennai, a never before unique collaboration in the esports industry.

Team Tamilas, who is one of the nine teams from qualified PMCO Split Spring India to PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia 2020. Hailing from the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Team Tamilas secured 4th position in PMCO India 2020 with 167 points. Notably, Team Tamilas - the first team from South India in a Major PUBG Mobile tournament.

Team Tamilas finished as finalists in the recently concluded ESL India Premiership PUBGM 2020. They also finished fourth in the PMIS Fan's voting for best performing team garnering a total of 12.05% of the votes beating out popular teams like SynerGE, Team IND to name a few.

They have been establishing themselves as one the best teams in South India and slowly making inroads in becoming the best team in PUBG mobile esports.

The Team:

  1. Arunraj aka 'MAXY'
  2. Prasanth aka 'Striker'
  3. Bharatwaji aka 'CarryOP'
  4. Shabarish aka 'Spray' - (In Game Leader)


  1. Co-owner : Asarudheen
  2. Mascot: MaKaPa Anand (Tamil Movie artist and host at Star Vijay TV)
  3. CEO: Gnana shekar (Former Games Evangelist at Flipkart. Former Head of Digital Media at Nodwin Gaming. Founder/CEO: The Gameplay)
  4. Coach: Karthick (Former pro gamer)
  5. COO: Vijay - PMPL / SkyEsports Caster

Team Talents:

  1. Content Creator: Prabhakar aka 'MidFail'
  2. Content Creator: Piyush aka 'Spero'
  3. Content creator/Cosplay manager: Suriya aka 'Hikari'
  4. Content Creator: Sebin

The CEO of Team Tamilas, Gnana Shekar, has built his gaming career working for notable organizations like Flipkart and Nodwin Gaming while also managing his own digital marketing firm called GamePlay which caters to the gaming industry in India.

Due to his avid interest in esports and intent on managing an esports team, Gnana Shekar discovered Team Tamilas an up and coming esports organizations based in Chennai and have built themselves to become the biggest team in South India and is gradually making inroads in becoming the biggest esport organization in India.

Gnana Shekar mentions that he wants to build a trustworthy environment for himself and his team and wants to instill the same trust in the ever loyal and growing fanbase that Team Tamilas has. Gnana mentions that his main focus is the growth of the organization not just in terms of performance but also as a brand. At the moment Team Tamilas is considered as one of the best teams in PUBG Mobile, but Gnana has a goal to make them the number 1 team in India and hopefully put them on a global stage. He also plans to build Team Tamilas as a brand not just in South India, but on a country wide scale.

Gnana mentions that his team are currently on bootcamp preparing for upcoming pubg mobile tournaments and their main aim is to build team cohesion, camaraderie and trust that eventually will help make Team Tamilas the best PUBG Mobile team in India.

Gnana also mentions how important it is to build world class facilities that helps the organization grow and take it to the next step, while also mentioning that building the right ecosystem is key for an esports organization.

Team Tamilas, although their main game of focus is PUBG Mobile, they are slowly making inroads into various different games, them mainly being Valorant and Free Fire and more titles as the organization grows. According to Gnana, it is important for Esport Organizations to diversify in terms of esports titles mainly because of the potential ban hammer that exists for PUBG Mobile. Naturally he mentions that the team will suffer as this is their first foray into esports. However as content creation is important, Gnana assumes that his teams are ready to move into creating meaningful content that will help grow their fanbase and also help connect with brands.

Fan engagement has been Team Tamilas biggest driving force which has led them to grow exponentially across social media. Similarities between esport and traditional sport have helped the esport organization bridge the gap in society and thus have managed to sway audiences in their favor and have managed to expand their fan base, making them by far the most favoured PUBG Mobile team in South India.

Gnana finally mentions that through his tenure in the gaming industry with previous experiences, this is a first of a kind collaboration that he has seen where a traditional sports media house has partnered with an Esport Organization which showcases the growth of the latter in India, while also considering the present situation due to the current pandemic with traditional sports coming to a halt, Esports has taken over the mantle of sport entertainment and its introduction on a national level.

This collaboration involves creation of mutual content, player interviews and being media partner for everything Team Tamilas is involved in for the future with the team built on trust just like the collaboration with The Bridge.

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