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Stalwart Gaming alleges Paytm First Games Clash Royale Tournament to be rigged

Stalwart Gaming alleges Paytm First Games Clash Royale Tournament to be rigged

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Published: 18 April 2020 2:05 PM GMT

Stalwart Esports has alleged that matches in the Paytm First Games (PFG) Clash Royale League have been rigged to favour certain players and that loopholes were used to let Stalwart Gaming's concerns go unheard. Additionally, there has been an accusation of mismanagement as well.

Here's Stalwart's statement on the rigged match of Clash Royale held by Paytm First Games

It is to inform you that recently our stellar Clash Royale player Qusai Attarwala, also known as STE Darklord, who is a Redbull MEO 2019 Champion, has been subjected to a rigged tournament held by the Paytm First Games on April 12.

Their first e-tournament of the Clash Royale by Paytm First Games was manipulated and had numerous loopholes. The gaming fraternity of India also came out in unison to extend their support to our player and bolster our demand for a rematch.

Here is how the misadventure took place -

Qusai was one of the 8 players who made it to the top 10 from the exhaustive list of 11,000 players. In the bracket of the top 8, Qusai’s first game witnessed glitches that eventually led to a crash. Qusai was disqualified due to the crash happened because of the load on cache memory, the onus of which should have been on the administrator.

Commenting on the mishappening, Qusai Attarwala, Stalwart player said: “I got disqualified due to a bug induced on my game that crashed it though it was not in my control. Even the host admitted it. However, the company later came with a mere apology.”

Later, prominent gaming personalities who have proven their mettle in the gaming world came forward to support the Stalwart team.

A prominent supercell recognized Youtuber and gamer, Kartik Gangwar from Delhi, who goes by Alchemist Gaming, said: “I have been playing clash royale for four years. Seeing Paytm organize a tournament with a four lakh prize pool was good news for all the players in India. However, Paytm admins didn’t check accounts. The winner, Sandrin aka Kirtikumar had a history of account sharing, who took the help of a foreign player to claim the victory.”

8bit Saif, a player who represents 8bit gaming console, blamed the Paytm organizers for not securing the tournament with a LAN connection.

Another professional player of the Clash Royale, Devesh Jain, who plays independently, commented: “It was their first tournament and I'd like to see them improve gradually. There were many gamers in the tournament who violated Super Cell terms of service even after the warning given by the host of the tournament. However, the situation of the STE Darklord (Qusai) is very unfortunate and biased as a rematch should have been conducted for him as well.”

On the Paytm misadventure, an expert and leading gaming organizer of India, who wished anonymity, said: “There is no legal recourse for the e-gaming disputes as the organizers clearly mention that all decisions made by them are final and cannot be questioned further. However, if the organizers are going against their own set rules that includes conducting rematch after a banned card was used, then they should be held accountable. Having said that, organizers can refer to the rulebook and tweak it on their whim.”

About Stalwart

Established in January 2020, Stalwart esports caters to young professional gamers of India and recognize their passion for virtual gaming. We believe that gaming cannot be shrunken to a hobby, its scope is ever-expanding in the virtual realm. And, we engage with individuals who bring passion and dedication to the gaming table.

Within three months into our virtual being, we have acquired the top lineup of the PUBG mobile team with 5 players in January; a leading Free Fireteam with 4 players and our second PUBG lineup in March; and the top-notch Call of Duty mobile team with 5 players in April.

While we ain’t the death eaters, but we sure do have our dark lord. Stalwart had acquired India’s #1 Clash Royale Player - Qusai Attarwala aka STE Darklord in February.

And, our growing family has recently welcomed a new member who is India’s official player for football PES Moin Amdani aka STE Moin.

With so much vigor and valor around our platform, the rad family of Stalwart takes one thing very seriously -- games!

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