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Riot Games Valorant Beta: The Latest News

This is by far one of the most talked-about games on the gaming calendar for this year and is set to be the next big hit for this game developer.

Riot Games Valorant Beta: The Latest News

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Published: 16 April 2020 8:32 AM GMT

If you have been eagerly waiting for the launch of the Valorant beta, you are not the only won. This is by far one of the most talked-about games on the gaming calendar for this year and is set to be the next big hit for this game developer. But could the recent controversy regarding the beta be enough to cloud the launch day success? In this article, we will be looking into the recent news regarding the title and why it has many gamers upset.

The Most Talked About Game In The 2020 Calendar

Many huge releases are coming this year, many that are already here such as Animal Crossing, but others that are only being released in the beta stages at this time. Of course, we are talking about the release of the Valorant beta on the 7th of April. With several clan leaders and reviewers gaining access to the game before others there has been much talk about how you will be able to enjoy the content.

However, for those that are looking for content before the game's release you may be disappointed as details about the upcoming Riot Games title is being kept under wraps. All we know is the content that has been provided to us on the official website.

The Closed Beta

Though there is the option for many to join the closed beta by invitation, there is the chance for some Riot Games fans to join the beta by making an account and watching streams. However, with the exclusivity of this game potentially leading to technical difficulties on the first day, there are many wondering just how long they will have to wait to try their hand at the game.

This beta is set to be released to several influencers on Tuesday the 7th April with many others able to join the game beta on Wednesday the 8th. Though, if you are planning to watch content on launch day you may be disappointed.

The Response From Riot Games

Due to the closed beta only being available to a select few, Riot games have received many complaints that content will be ruined for others. In response to this, anyone that has been given access on Tuesday has been asked not to stream any Valorant content until the following day.

Though this is a huge disappointment for those looking to showcase their first impressions on the game, this does level the playing field and allow everyone that wants to, to enjoy the content at the same time.

Many have also suggested that providing access to team owners early is a disadvantage to some when it comes to the e-sports division, this is because major players such as Nadeshot have an extra day to scout players when compared to those that are in the beta after the fact. This, therefore, allows for everyone to scout players for upcoming events at the same time. This, therefore, makes betting on eSports events such as these much more enjoyable for spectators as teams are stronger than ever before.

When Can We Expect Content?

Because of these rules set out by Riot Games you are unlikely to see streams from your favourite gamers on launch night. However, with the all clear given for the next day, you are likely to see major influencers releasing their content on either Youtube or Twitch on the 8th of April. But what can you expect? With this brand-new first-person shooter, you get a wide range of powers as well as several weapons, allowing you to fight either alone or as a team to win matches. This is set to make great viewing as this new gameplay is designed to keep you interested.

With the release of this game being highly anticipated by fans of League and gamers around the world, this is set to be a huge success upon release. Will you be logging in for a chance to join the beta?

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