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Rheo Arena Free Fire Diwali Star Wars 2020 Grand Finale overall standings

Rheo Arena Free Fire Diwali Star Wars 2020 Grand Finale overall standings

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Published: 12 Nov 2020 6:56 AM GMT

With the advent of mobile games in recent times, mobile esports continues to grow in India. Recently, there has been a surge of tournaments in the Free Fire Esports scene. The latest addition to the list is the grand finale of Free Fire Diwali Star Wars 2020.

The Free Fire tournament was organized by the streaming platform Rheo TV with an overall prize pool of 50,000 INR. It included casters such as Gaming with Ab and Tequila. The event began on 8th November 2020 and ended with the finale on 10th November 2020.

Famous Free Fire YouTubers from across the country were invited for this event and were divided into two groups A and B, with 12 teams in each group.

The groups played for about two days. After a grueling competition laden with twists and turns, the top six teams from each group based on the overall standings were qualified for the Finals.

Overall standings in Rheo Arena Free Fire Diwali Star Wars 2020 Grand Finale

Qualified Teams for the Finals:

Group A:

1) UnGraduate Gamer ( 149 points)

2) Pro Nation ( 135 points)

3) Boss Official ( 133 points)

4) Total Gaming Influencers ( 107 points)

5) Techno Banda ( 99 points)

6) Sudip Sarkar ( 90 points)

Group B:

1) GSK Verified ( 173 points)

2) Aaction Bolt ( 124 points)

3) Technical KK ( 116 points)

4) Two Side Gamers ( 112 points)

5) JIGGS Official ( 106 points)

6) Total Gaming Esports ( 93 points)

The finals of the Free Fire tournament took place on 10th November 2020, where the qualified teams from Group A and Group B locked horns to determine the champion. After a full day of twists and turns, Aaction Bolt emerged as the winner of the Free Fire tournament with 80 kills and 153 points and took home 25,000 INR.

The second position was bagged by JIGS Official with 60 kills and 135 points, along with the prize of 15,000 INR. Technical KK took the third position along with the prize money of 10,000 INR with 50 kills and 124 points.

Overall Standings of the Grand Finale:

1) Aaction Bolt ( 153 points)

2) JIGS Official ( 135 points)

3) Technical KK ( 124 points)

4) Sudip Sarkar ( 117 points)

5) PRO Nation ( 106 points)

6) Two Side Gamers ( 92 points)

7) Total Gaming Esports ( 90 points)

8) UnGraduate Gamer ( 87 points)

9) GSK Verified ( 83 points)

10) Total Gaming Influencers ( 46 points)

11) BOSS Official ( 36 points)

12) Techno Banda( 29 points)

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