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Is PUBG Mobile going to be renamed for launch in India again?

Recent news suggests that the makers of PUBG are contemplating relaunching the game in India, but with a different name.

PUBG Mobile renamed India launch

PUBG Mobile (Image sourced from DNAIndia.com)


C.C. Chengappa

Published: 2 May 2021 6:22 AM GMT

The popular game' Players Unknown Battleground or PUBG has seen many a change over the past year, from the permanent ban in 2020 to the launch of the Indian version of the game, 'FAU-G'. However, avid players can expect something new in the coming months given that recent news has signaled that something is brewing. Evidence discovered by "Gemwire" suggests that the game will now be known as "Battlegrounds Mobile India".

On their Instagram post, Gemwire stated that the team had analyzed the source code of the website and had chanced upon a new poster. It depicted a similar context of the game and read "Battlegrounds Mobile India- Coming Soon". This can be inferred in several different ways given that the name of the game was altered back in 2018 during the Indian government's decision to ban several highly used Chinese apps. However, what gives rise to the suspense is that a famous Youtube streamer, Dynamo Gaming, also hinted that there will be some alterations to the game. However, it was an ambiguous hint that spoke of changes being made on single and double-digit dates respectively.

It might seem unclear for all gamers as of now given that the existence of the game in India is considered illegal. However, if what has been found is true, there is hope that the game will be back in a new avatar and become active once again for its several thousand users.

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