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PUBG Mobile Ban: Founder of NODWIN Gaming Akshat Rathee shares his thoughts

PUBG Mobile Ban: Founder of NODWIN Gaming Akshat Rathee shares his thoughts

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 3 Sep 2020 11:31 AM GMT

In light of the recent news that has come out with respect to the Indian Government's ban on Chinese apps, PUBG Mobile was one of the apps that got hit with the ban hammer. With respect to the growth of the esports industry in India and the impact that PUBG Mobile has had, it will be interesting to see what steps the ecosystem takes to deal with this setback.

The Bridge got in touch with Mr. Akshat Rathee, Founder - NODWIN Gaming on his stand on PUBG Ban. And this is what his take is:

"I don't know too much about a stand. But it's a tricky subject right. As members of the esports fraternity in India, we have seen this announcement and are saddened due to the implications on the millions of players and the thousands of content creators and esports players and other stakeholders in the ecosystem. We feel their anguish and understand their frustration

No one knows the why and the specifics. But we also believe in India, in our nation, in our leaders. And eventually it comes down to faith and belief.

It is important to state that it is not our place as NODWIN to make a judgement on this case as this is between the publisher and the Government of India who have banned it on National Security grounds."

We have full support for the esports and the gaming community at large in India and know that we will always be dependent on the publisher of the game and the Country to make it work in the legal framework applicable.

We look forward to an amicable and expeditious resolution to this matter.

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