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Online Mobile Games to play on the occasion of Valentine's Day

Online Mobile Games to play on the occasion of Valentines Day

The Bridge Desk

Published: 17 Feb 2021 6:10 AM GMT

Valentine’s week began this Monday, with couples in love making the most of the romantic spirit. However, for those unfortunate souls who haven’t found their loved ones, things can get a bit lonely this time of year. Instead of staying inside and wallowing, we have the perfect solution for you- mobile games! Last year, many people spent hours playing mobile games, spending hours of quality time with themselves, friends, or significant others.

If you are alone this Valentine’s Day, we suggest that you take a look at some popular mobile games and see what all you can win. Most mobile games come up with a season or holiday-themed event track, which is no different for Valentine’s Day.

If you are someone who enjoys catching Pokemon in the wild or strategize all day playing battle royale games, then you will undoubtedly enjoy what is in store for you this Valentine’s holiday.

Here are all the gaming events being held on and around Valentine’s Day.

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Fortnite is one of the biggest mobile gaming platforms globally, with over 300 million users worldwide. To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021, Fortnite is organizing a gaming event called Heart Wild. The gaming event started on the 8th of February and will continue till the 14th of February.

The event track has added new challenges, add-ons, and events within the world of Fortnite. Players competing and winning Heart Wild themed events and quests have the chance of winning the Breathless Blades Pickaxe as a season end reward.

To add to all the fun, the game interface is getting a Valentine-themed makeover. The welcome hub has been redesigned for Valentine’s Day.

The Hearts Wild event track also has the Hearts Wild Cup, which started on the 9th of February. In this event, you need to play in a team of two to win 10 matches in three hours or less. The duo with the highest points scored in each region will win a Lovely Outfit and a Heart Back Bling. The game also has team event battles where players can earn season-specific rewards.

Garena: Free Fire

As part of its Valentine’s Day celebrations, Garena: Free Fire has organized two different events. First is a Valentine’s Day event with special prizes and events. Players have the opportunity to grab onto rewards like the Power of Love Gloo Wall, the Rose Bandana, and other such exciting rewards. This event is valid till the 18th of February.

The second Valentine’s Day event is called Valentine’s Wish. This feature allows players to make a wish in the game to win a random prize from the rewards pool. The prizes range from the Sweetheart Cupid Bundle to the Heartbreak Cupid Bundle. There is lots to enjoy and win on Garena: Free Fire this Valentine’s.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty is one of the classics of the video game world. With Call of Duty mobile, the game developers can continuously bring in new features based on the season. For Valentine’s Day, Call of Duty has created Valentine’s Day themed skin, which can be unlocked from a Valentine crate.

Other Valentine-themed rewards include a Tank Knockout, the Anime Enthusiast calling card, and more. They also have Valentine’s bundle for players to win. It includes Valentine-themed skins for the outfits like the wingsuit, backpack, parachute, and grenade. The game also has Valentine’s themed skins for the ATV.

Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go has been a hit sensation in the mobile gaming world since it was launched in 2016. Since its launch, the game has organized a dedicated Valentine’s Day event every year. As per usual, the game will increase the spawn rate of all Pokémon’s in color pink to keep in tune with the theme of Valentine’s Day.

In 2021, the game is debuting to new Pokémon’s to the scene- Munna and Musharna. Other Pokémon’s like Plusle, Minun, Volbeat will spawn at a higher rate during this week. For Pokémon’s like Eevee, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, and Munna are likely to hatch from five-kilometer eggs.

The game has other bonuses like an increased chance of finding a Lucky Pokémon or receiving berries from gifts. The final Valentine’s Day offer is a PvP game event called the Pokémon Go Love Cup. Players are allowed to use Pokémon with a CP of 1500 or lower in the competition. To make things exciting and Valentine-themed, users are only allowed to use pink or red-colored Pokemon.

With these gaming suggestions, we hope that you enjoy your Valentine’s Day. These games are open for all, whether you are single or with someone. You can spend hours of quality time playing these games with people you love.

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