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Know the meanings of gaming terms most-used by Esports players

Know the meanings of gaming terms most-used by Esports players

Abhijit Nair

Published: 31 Jan 2021 8:25 AM GMT

Gaming in India has been on a constant rise since the past few years. With each passing day more and more people in the country are taking up to gaming, either to relieve stress or to just enjoy the adrenaline rush it gives.

If you have ever watched the content created by professional gamers, streamers or you have seen your friends drowned in an intense gameplay, you would have surely heard them use some weird words in the context of the game. Here, we look at what does some of the most commonly used words mean:


IGN in the field of gaming stands for In Game Name. It basically means the name used by the player in the game. The IGN of a player is usually something really funky or fascinating and differs from his real name, but some players do use their real name as their IGN as well.


IGL is expanded as In Game Leader. An IGL is basically the captain of the team and is the one who leads, give directions and takes final decision during any ongoing match scenario.


GG means Good Game. It is normally used by the players at the end of a match to display sportsmanship and appreciate the way their opponent conducted themselves during the course of the game.


A Noob in the gaming field is someone who does not know how to play the game. Usually people term those who have just started to play a particular game or struggle to put up consistent performance as a Noob.


KDR or Kill-to-Death Ratio is nothing but the average enemies you have killed during the course of a game before being killed yourself. The higher your KDR the better player you are.


Griefing means harassing the opponent with the intention to ruin their gameplay. A person who griefs the opponent is called a Griefer.


A Smurf is someone who is usually experienced in the game but makes new accounts in the game to flex their gaming skills against lesser ranked opponents.


AFK stands for Away From Keyboard. This acronym is used to indicate that a player is inactive in the game and is generally used when a player is not responding.


DC means Disconnected. Players usually use the acronym DC if they get disconnected from an ongoing match due to poor internet connectivity or any other reason.


DPS stands for Damage Per Second. It is usually a measurement tool used to quantify the ability to inflict damage by a weapon every second in the game.


Expanded as Over Powered, OP is generally used to describe something highly extraordinary in the game.


FTW stands for For The Win. This term is generally used at the end of a comment, more so by fans to indicate the team they are rooting for the win in a match.


Ping means the time taken for any information to travel to the server and back. The lower the ping, more smoother the game works. If you have a high ping the commands, gameplay can be delayed, causing lag and an unpleasant experience.

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