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Indian PUBG mobile teams denied visa of Germany; miss competition

Indian PUBG mobile teams denied visa of Germany; miss competition

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Published: 20 July 2019 5:01 AM GMT
PUBG is big in India and there is a lot of hype around the PUBG India tournaments. This July, three Indian teams had qualified for the PUBG Mobile Club Open India finals which is set to happen in Berlin, Germany. Team SOUL, Team Ind, Team Indian Tigers dominated the qualifying rounds to enter the final. But their visas were rejected, and hence, no one from the qualified teams could enter Germany. The rejection of visa to enter Germany were made on the grounds that the Embassy could not ensure that they won’t overstay. Germany is the most difficult country to obtain a visa, and it is a time taking process. This remains one of the most unfortunate events in Indian esports history.
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Team SOUL, who were placed first at the tournament, will directly be participating in the main event on July 26. But TeamIND and Indian Tigers have to play the qualifiers from July 20 in the prelims of the spring spit. One of the members of Team SOUL, Ronak had shared a story on his Instagram profile of visa documentation, citing the reasons for visa denial. There was also a three-hour-long video chat among the players where they discuss the problem. https://youtu.be/IQ9LZuk2Kn0 Since the Germany-based tournament is a private one, India’s governing esports body, ESFI couldn't intervene in the visa problems. Sources in the ESFI have notified BGR India that they were not approached for help in the matter. Team Ind, Team Indian Tigers are revived now as they will be playing the prelims from NODWIN gaming’s office in New Delhi. NODWIN is a gaming solution and eSports company based out of India. You can compete in the prelims from India, but playing from India means they will have to put up with the ping difference to EU. In eSports competition, even the slightest of ping can cost you the game. Mortal (Team Soul Leader) addressed the same issue during his live stream on YouTube. eSports is still work in progress in India but its high time to take eSports seriously in India. esports is taking giant leaps in India and it is not just a past time or fun but a big industry with a lot of money and potential. For Indian gamers to gain proper exposure, issues like visa rejections should be avoided. Otherwise, it can deny a big break to the highly talented gamers.
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