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How viable it is to have a career in esports in India?

How viable it is to have a career in esports in India?

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 30 July 2020 5:04 AM GMT

Esports, it is a word that is now being thrown around everywhere but not many people understand what it actually entails. Tell a parent that their child is playing video games and they feel that they are wasting their life away. Probably MortaL or Sc0utOP’s parents reacted just the same but that did not stop them from becoming the personalities that they are now. Esports has a future career path and it is here to stay, but being a part of esports just does not mean playing games, it could be a myriad of things.

In the global sense of all things esports and its similarities with traditional sport, making a career in the traditional sport just does not mean being able to play it at a competitive level, making sport or rather esport as a potential career path could range from being a data analyst, sports nutritionist, sports psychologist. Esports borrows a lot from traditional sports in terms of the personnel required which is why it gains its moniker of E which stands for electronic.

Being involved in esports could mean being involved in creating, managing and running your own team of individuals, think about running a football club but electronically, sounds cool right?

One could potentially build the biggest tournament surrounding a title that caters to esports, think ESL, think Nodwin Gaming to name a few examples.

Interested in content creation, a lot of individuals are now turning to streaming platforms like Youtube to showcase their personalities and gameplay to people willing to watch them, watching a celebrity dance their way on the now-banned TikTok, what is the harm in watching a content creator play some of your favourite games.

Interested in journalism and games? Nothing is stopping an individual from combining one’s love for writing and video games, writing about them to an audience that is interested in them and two writing for an audience that potentially wants to learn more about the esport ecosystem.

Interested in hosting events or talking about something that you are passionate about, one could even become a commentator, narrating a storyline while explaining its intricacies is another potential career path.

It is a common misconception that is attached to both esports and sports, with it being that you have to play sports/video games to be involved in the industry.

Yes, playing either gives you the necessary understanding of the same but it is an industry that has many faces that you could decide what mask you want to wear, just like Jim Carrey in the movie Mask, you can be upto a lot of mischief in the industry, naturally the good kind.

Esports is not just a fad that is being thrown around right now, it is an industry that is here to stay and challenge traditional sport. It is time for society to acknowledge their potential career opportunities and allow interested individuals to actively pursue it as a career and not a hobby.

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